Chief State’s Attorney’s Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting of March 18, 2019

Office of the Chief State’s Attorney

Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Chief State’s Attorney Kevin T. Kane called the meeting to order at 12:40 p.m.

In attendance were: Deputy Chief State’s Attorneys Kevin D. Lawlor and John J. Russotto; State’s Attorneys Richard J. Colangelo, Jr. (Stamford/Norwalk), Michael A. Gailor (Middlesex), Matthew C. Gedansky (Tolland), Patrick J. Griffin (New Haven), Gail P. Hardy (Hartford), Margaret E. Kelley (Ansonia/Milford), Anne F. Mahoney (Windham), Maureen Platt (Waterbury), Brian W. Preleski (New Britain), Michael L. Regan (New London), Stephen J. Sedensky III (Danbury), David Shepack (Litchfield) and John C. Smriga (Fairfield).

Also present: Executive Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Austin, Jr., and Communications and Legislative Specialist Mark A. Dupuis.

State’s Attorney Colangelo made a motion to accept the minutes of the February 25, 2019 meeting. State’s Attorney Gailor seconded the motion and it passed with no opposition.

Chief State’s Attorney Kane introduced Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist Janice duFrend, who spoke about her experience in state service and invited the State’s Attorneys to contact her with any questions. Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Russotto reported that the Employee Advisory Committee on Diversity Issues will be reactivated and is scheduled to meet May 16. State’s Attorney Smriga suggested that training be offered for the State’s Attorneys on interviewing and completion of the tracking sheets used in the hiring process.

Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Russotto reported that numerous transfers have occurred in response to recent openings. There was discussion of the procedures for filling multiple concurrent vacancies in a specific location.

Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Russotto reported positive indications from the state administration on the budget. The Chief State’s Attorney and Deputy Chief State’s Attorneys will be meeting with the new Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services to discuss administrative matters.

Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Lawlor explained proposed forms developed with the bail bond industry for court consideration of bail bondsmen requests to be relieved of responsibility for forfeited bonds under certain circumstances. State’s Attorney Colangelo made a motion to approve the forms. State’s Attorney Platt seconded the motion and it passed without opposition. The forms will be forwarded to the Chief Court Administrator for review.

Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Lawlor reported on the Governor’s Task Force on Justice for Abused Children. Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Lawlor will follow up with the State’s Attorneys on concerns expressed by the task force on the handling of forensic interview recordings.

Chief State’s Attorney Kane reported on pending legislation. Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Lawlor reported on ongoing discussions concerning Senate Bill No. 880, An Act Increasing Fairness and Transparency in the Criminal Justice System.

Chief State’s Attorney Kane reported on the Special Informational Meeting held by the Criminal Justice Commission on March 5, 2019. One concern was the information available to the Commission concerning the reappointment of State’s Attorneys. State’s Attorney Colangelo reported that the Management Committee is examining the issue and will survey the State’s Attorneys for additional input.

The Management Committee also is awaiting the SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) process being prepared by the University of Connecticut Department of Public Policy for inclusion in the ongoing development of management plans by the State’s Attorneys.

The Management Committee is reviewing information from other jurisdictions as it continues to work on best practices for ethics policies and guidelines. The committee is also examining development of an employee engagement process and associated training for the State’s Attorneys and supervisors.

State’s Attorney Lawlor reminded the State’s Attorneys to submit unsolved sexual assault cases for inclusion in the grant proposal discussed at the February meeting.

State’s Attorney Mahoney reported that the Training Committee scheduled the Annual Professional Development Conference for Prosecutors for June 13, 2019, with training in the Judicial Districts on either June 10 or June 12. A survey of prosecutors listed practical experience as the preferred topic for future trainings; a program on direct examination is being planned. Another survey will be conducted at the annual training.

There being no further business, State’s Attorney Colangelo made a motion to adjourn. State’s Attorney Hardy seconded the motion and the meeting adjourned at 2:13 p.m.