Chief State's Attorney/State's Attorneys' Meeting


Office of the Chief State's Attorney

300 Corporate Place

Rocky Hill, Connecticut


September 12, 2022

12:40 p.m.


1.   Approval of Minutes

2.   Operations Policy Discussions (Chair, State's Attorney Maureen Platt)

Cryptocurrency Investigations and Seizures, Case Management System Entry of Warrants and/or Orders

3.   Jailhouse Witness Forms (Chief State's Attorney Griffin, Executive Assistant State's Attorney D'Angelo) 

4.   Infractions

5.   Criminal Justice Commission Updates (Chief State's Attorney Griffin, Deputy Chief State's Attorney Russotto)

6.   Division of Criminal Justice COVID-19 Issues (Deputy Chief State's Attorney Russotto)

7.   Training Updates (Executive Assistant State's Attorney D'Angelo)

8.   Budget

9.   Legislative Proposals - Due October 1

10.  Other Business

11. Adjournment