Chief State’s Attorney’s Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting of June 6, 2022

The meeting was called to order at 12:52 p.m. by Chief State’s Attorney Patrick J. Griffin.

Also present: Deputy Chief State’s Attorney for Operations, Kevin D. Lawlor, Deputy Chief State’s Attorney of Administration, Personnel and Finance John J. Russotto, Deputy Chief State’s Attorney, Inspector General Robert J. Devlin, Jr., State’s Attorneys Margaret E. Kelley (Ansonia/Milford), Stephen J. Sedensky, III (Danbury), Joseph T. Corradino, (Fairfield), Sharmese L. Walcott (Hartford), David Shannon (Litchfield), Michael A. Gailor (Middlesex), Paul J. Narducci (New London), Paul J. Ferencek (Stamford/Norwalk), Maureen Platt (Waterbury), and Anne F. Mahoney (Windham).

Also Present: Executive Assistant State’s Attorneys John P. Doyle, Jr., Gail P. Hardy and Brett Salafia, Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney Lisa D’Angelo, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Helen McLellan, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Timothy Sugrue, Labor Relations Administrator AnneMarie Paone-Mullin and Legislative Liaison Melanie Dykas.

State’s Attorney Narducci moved to accept the minutes of the May 4, 2022 meeting. State’s Attorney Mahoney seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Chief State’s Attorney Griffin recognized the recent work by both State’s Attorney Platt and Executive Assistant State’s Attorney Doyle regarding creation of a draft of the Division’s body-worn camera policy. Chief State’s Attorney Griffin said creation of the internal policy and reaching consensus on its contents required much time, effort and collaboration. State’s Attorney Platt led a discussion about the draft of the policy and the State’s Attorneys suggested edits and additions to the 10-page policy that would be voted on at a later date. State’s Attorney Platt said Executive Assistant State’s Attorney Doyle and Labor Relations Administrator Paone-Mullin would create a final draft for review and final vote via email by the State’s Attorneys by mid-June.

In regard to Division of Criminal Justice COVID-19 issues, State’s Attorneys reported that they expected most prosecutors to attend the upcoming in-person training for prosecutors at the Sheraton in Rocky Hill.

Regarding the budget, Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Russotto said expert witnesses who have retired from the State Police Forensics Lab and are called to testify are not paid an hourly rate by the Division as per the current policy but are reimbursed for any travel or other out-of-pocket expenses they incur. The pay issue was raised following the large number of recent retirements of employees from the state lab. Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Russotto also reported that the Division would meet again with the Finance Advisory Commission for a second request to transfer money to the Witness Protection Unit, expert witness fund and the Operating Budget.

Tolland State's Attorney Gedansky reported on recent Freedom of Information requests for police department policies by the Office of the Chief Public Defender.

Legislative Liaison Dykas held a presentation on legislation relevant to the Division that passed during the recent legislative session, noting the State’s Attorneys and other prosecutors who testified during the various public hearings held at the Capitol. The State’s Attorneys discussed possibly adding members to the Legislative Committee

In other business, the State’s Attorneys discussed selecting a new chairperson for the Training Committee. Chief State’s Attorney Griffin also said the Division would review the new National District Attorneys Association standards set to be released in July, information that can aid the Division in its creation of a living document that outlines prosecutorial standards. Chief State’s Attorney Griffin said the document would be a key training tool to help educate the large number of new hires that are expected in the coming months. There was also discussion about the possibility of hiring a new juvenile court coordinator and a victims’ advocate for the Division.

Chief State’s Attorney Griffin said he is scheduled to meet with the Honorable Patrick L. Carroll III, Chief Court Administrator, and the NAACP to discuss the “One Million Jobs Campaign,” an effort to keep people from going back to prison by giving them training and job availability after their release. Chief State’s Attorney Griffin said he believes the Division’s involvement in the program could help the NAACP get the word out about the campaign in all 13 Judicial Districts in Connecticut.

Chief State’s Attorney Griffin said in regard to hiring, the Criminal Justice Commission is planning to fill the vacant State’s Attorney’s positions by July and then would proceed to fill the Deputy Assistant State’s Attorneys positions. Chief State’s Attorney Griffin said prosecutors from the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney would assist with work in the Judicial Districts while the Division is waiting to fill those positions.

There being no further business, State’s Attorney Mahoney made a motion to adjourn. Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Lawlor seconded the motion and it passed without opposition. The meeting was adjourned at 2:37 p.m.