Agency Guidance

The Data and Policy Analytics unit has compiled the resources below to assist Agency Data Officers and publishers of open data on the Connecticut Open Data Portal. Resources include guidance on:

  • Getting started as an Agency Data Officer
  • Open data
  • Data sharing

We’ll be adding new resources as we identify them. If you have suggestions or requests, please contact the Chief Data Officer

Agency Data Officer Resources

Section 4-67p of the Connecticut General Statutes requires executive branch agencies to designate an Agency Data Officer to serve as the primary contact for inquiries, requests, and concerns about access to data at their agency. The responsibilities of Agency Data Officers include:

  1. Coordinating and submitting agency high-value data inventories annually;
  2. Coordinating and submitting agency open data access plans;
  3. Serving as the main contact person for inquiries, requests or concerns regarding access to the data of such agency; and
  4. Establishing procedures to ensure that requests for data that the agency receives are complied with in an appropriate and prompt manner in consultation with the Chief Data Officer.

Agencies that are not in the executive branch may still designate an Agency Data Officer and may voluntarily comply with the provisions of Sec. 4-67p by providing written notice to the Office of Policy and Management. A list of executive branch agencies can be found in CGS Sec 4-38c. Agencies that have chosen to voluntarily comply with the provisions include:

  • Office of the State Comptroller
  • Connecticut Green Bank

Resources for Agency Data Officers are listed below.

Open Data Resources

Created in 2014, the Connecticut Open Data Portal is the state’s repository for open data. The Open Data Portal makes data from state agencies publicly available in machine-readable format to increase government transparency, drive efficiencies, and spark innovation. Agency staff can publish data directly on the Open Data Portal or with the support of the Data and Policy Analytics unit at OPM. For support on publishing data to the Open Data Portal, state agency staff can contact Scott Gaul, Chief Data Officer, or Pauline Zaldonis, Research Analyst. 

Resources for agency staff on open data are listed below.

Data Sharing Resources

The Data and Analytics Policy unit is developing resources for agencies to facilitate the safe, secure, and ethical sharing of data between state agencies, recognizing that leveraging data from multiple agencies can improve program administration, policy analysis, research, and performance management. Resources from the Data and Analytics Policy team on data sharing are listed below.