Agency Implementation Guidance and Resources

The resources below are intended for Agency Data Officers and publishers of open data in Connecticut state agencies on the Connecticut Open Data Portal, Resources include guidance on data management and governance, including specific resources about how to comply with the State Data Plan, as well as guidance and templates about how to prepare data for publishing on


High Value Data Inventory Template – This is a tool for Agency Data Officers to provide a uniform mechanism to comply with the high value data inventory requirements outlined in Public Act 18-175. High value data inventories should contain primary data sources that agencies collect or maintain to carry out their statutory, regulatory, core functions, or for federal programs or requirements. These inventories will be updated on an annual basis. The most recent high value data inventories are compiled in two datasets: CT Data Catalog (Non GIS) and CT Data Catalog (GIS).


Open Data Access Plan Template – This is a tool for Agency Data Officers to create a plan for making agency data public as open data, as required by Public Act 18-175. Open data access plans should be maintained by all executive branch agencies and updated on a rolling basis

Open Data Access Plan Guidance – A guidance document for Agency Data Officers about how to approach creating an open data access plan.

Metadata Guidelines – Metadata guidelines for publishers on

Metadata Standard – The recommended standard for metadata on

Data Aggregation Guidance – Aggregation guidelines for publishers on

Data Aggregation Template – An example of aggregated data that follows the recommendations outlined in the Data Aggregation Guidance document.

Measuring Open Data Use and Impact - A guidance document for publishers of open data to use to better understand how their open data sets are being used and what impact they are having

  • Data Governance Primer
  • Sample Data Governance Charter


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