Flood Insurance

Why do you need flood insurance? Fast facts about flooding.


Why do you need flood insurance?

Get up to speed on water damage and flooding with these fast facts from the Connecticut Insurance Department and National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Click on photo for larger image.

Federally mapped flood plains – are you in or out?

  • If you are buying a home in a federally mapped flood plain, your lender will require flood insurance as a condition of receiving the mortgage.
  • When maps are redrawn periodically, the new maps may include your home in a flood plain for the first time. If you still have a mortgage, your lender would now require you to purchase flood insurance.
  • If your home was already in a flood plain, the new maps could now include it in a more hazardous area, which would trigger higher flood insurance premiums.

What if you believe the maps are incorrect?

You can challenge your flood designation by requesting a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) from FEMA. Some quick steps to get you started:

Find your flood map online or you can visit your town hall. Flood maps are usually filed in the engineering, building, planning, zoning or land use departments.

Apply for Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) from FEMA. You will need the services of a licensed land surveyor or engineer to compile the scientific and technical data that FEMA must review to determine whether your home is in flood plain. If FEMA agrees with  you, it will officially remove your home from the flood plain and the mandatory flood insurance requirement for a mortgage or higher premium is lifted.

For more information on the LOMA process and flood maps in Connecticut, contact:

Diane S. Ifkovic
State NFIP Coordinator

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