Water Planning Council Workgroups

Water Planning Council Advisory Group

The Water Planning Council Advisory Group (WPCAG) is established to research and analyze water resource issues and advise the Water Planning Council. The WPCAG contact is Bruce Wittchen. (bruce.wittchen@ct.gov)

Workgroups of the WPCAG

The following are workgroups that report to the WPCAG. Participation is encouraged and all meetings are open to the public. For meeting information, email the workgroup contacts.

Standing Workgroups

State Water Plan Outreach and Education Workgroup increases stakeholder and public awareness of the State Water Plan and participation in water resource planning, management, and protection in Connecticut. The workgroup holds monthly meetings. Contact Alexandria Hibbard at alexandria.hibbard@ct.gov.

Watershed Lands Workgroup reviews and determines the adequacy of current statutory and regulatory provisions to protect public water supplies, reviews environmentally sensitive land use proposals that could affect drinking water watersheds and makes recommendations to the WPCAG. The workgroup holds quarterly meetings. Contact Rebecca Dahl at rebecca.dahl@ct.gov.

Ad-hoc Workgroups

Conservation Pricing and Rate Recovery Analysis Workgroup is identifying regulatory and operational barriers that prevent utilities from taking advantage of conservation pricing programs and various rate setting tools. Contact Richard Skarzynski at richard.skarzynski@ct.gov.

Source Water Protection Workgroup is reviewing the status of source water protection programs in Connecticut and the roles of state and federal agencies. The group is analyzing other ongoing efforts and identifying gaps in source water protection. The group is preparing a white paper to summarize these findings. Contact Rebecca Dahl at rebecca.dahl@ct.gov.

Interagency Drought Workgroup

The Interagency Drought Workgroup (IDW) is a standing committee responsible for regularly monitoring drought conditions and implementing the Connecticut Drought Preparedness and Response Plan. The IDW recommends drought declarations and mitigation actions to the Office of the Governor and communicates with stakeholders about drought conditions. Contact Rebecca Dahl at rebecca.dahl@ct.gov.


Reports from previous ad-hoc workgroups

The State Water Plan Implementation Workgroup is a previous workgroup that was active from 2018 - 2024. The workgroup was responsible for implementing action items of the State Water Plan.