Comprehensive K-12 School Counseling Framework

Appendix C: Connecticut Career Clusters

ASCA and the National Association of State Directors of CTE noted that school counselors can explain CTE options to students in the framework of career clusters and programs of study to inform student planning (Conneely et al., 2009). Mobley et al. (2017) added that students are often more motivated to stay in school when enrolled in career-focused education. School counselors improve their service to their students when they understand CTE offers numerous benefits, including rigorous programs of study, academic and CTE curriculum and productive relationships within the business community. These advantages serve as effective means that school counselors can use to help all students make informed career decisions. Comprehensive school counseling programs provide a way for school counselors to help students understand all of their options that lead to the world of work, including CTE courses, through organized and structured appraisal and advisement (ASCA Position Statement, 2018).

Infographic of Connecticut Career Clusters that explains what is Perkins V and what are the 16 Connecticut Career Clusters