English learner/Multilingual learner (EL/ML)

The Connecticut State Board of Education (CSBE) believes that high-quality, comprehensive and effective English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual education programs are essential to acquire English language proficiency and academic proficiency for students who are English Learners (ELs). The Board believes that research-based instructional practices that support ELs in general education classrooms are essential while they are acquiring English and well after they have exited the intensive programs. Read the CSBE Position Statement and Guidelines.

17 Ways CSDE Is Supporting Multilingual Learners

This document identifies 17 ways that the CSDE is supporting Connecticut’s multilingual learners. It describes resources and guidance materials, current initiatives, curriculum, assessment and more, and includes many embedded links. 

English, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese

The power of multilingualism in education

TED-Ed Educator Talks features Megan Alubicki Flick on the importance of multilingualism in education. 

The Seal of Biliteracy

The Connecticut State Seal of Biliteracy was established to recognize public high school graduates who have attained a level of proficiency in English and one or more languages.