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Demographic Trends of Connecticut’s English Learners (SY 2015-16 to 2019-20) English Learners are a heterogeneous group of students, reflecting diverse languages, racial and ethnic backgrounds, cultures, socio-economic statuses and other characteristics. It is the civil right of English learners to receive language supports as a part of their core programming and accessibility supports embedded in their core grade-level academic content. This report examines the diverse characteristics of Connecticut’s English Learners such as immigrant and special education statuses, native languages spoken, their grade distribution and language program participation. It also highlights significant trends and changes they have experienced from SYs 2015-15 through 2019-20.

A Closer Look at Connecticut’s High School English Learners (SY 2018-19)  English learners (ELs) are a subgroup of Connecticut’s high school students, unique from their non-EL peers in the challenge they face to access and master secondary-level academic content while concurrently trying to develop English language proficiency. Additionally, they are also sometimes distinguished from non-EL peers by their demographic characteristics. This paper presents a statewide picture of high school ELs in SY 2018-19, including their demographics, assessment results and trends in these areas.

Academic Growth on the Mastery Examination of English Learners in Bilingual Education Programs (2017) This report presents the first results of the academic growth of English learners in bilingual education programs. The traditional approach to evaluating academic performance has been to report academic achievement. However, achievement is a snapshot measurement where the students evaluated are often different from one year to the next. Therefore, this report focuses on the growth or change in achievement of the same students from one year to the next i.e., from 2014-15 to 2015-16 on Connecticut's Smarter Balanced growth model.


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