Professional Support Series for Districts

Guidance on Special Education

Supporting Parents-Caregivers of Students with High Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this recorded session, we will provide families and educators with overview of the information and resources included in the Play and Leisure section of the Supporting Parents/Caregivers of Students with High Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic resource guide. Play, recreation, and leisure are critical for all students, especially now. These activities provide a much needed mental break and shift from lessons, and they can also provide necessary gross motor and sensory input. During this session, we will review some important ideas to consider, as well as provide links to websites that offer ideas, concepts, and suggestions on play to support families as you engage your child or young adult in meaningful play activities at home.

Presenters: Alycia M. Trakas, Education Consultant, CSDE; Karen Helene, Education Director, Benhaven, Inc.; Dan Kahl, Physical Education Teacher / PMT Trainer, Benhaven, Inc.