Professional Support Series for Districts

Guidance on Special Education

Supporting Parents-Caregivers of Students with High Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic


During this recorded session, we will provide families and educators with overview of the information and resources included in the Math section of the Supporting Parents/Caregivers of Students with High Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic resource guide. Math an be a very difficult subject for parents and children alike, so keeping in communication with your child's school-based team will help your child or young adult work on the most critical skills without burning out. During this recording webinar, you will learn "Confidence Helpers", some practices to use for students when they are working on subjects that can cause frustration. Additionally, we will share some links to resources to online math websites, links to tips and suggestions for ways you can do math everyday with materials at home in order to balance on and off screen time, and links to additional information and resources that may be helpful to families engaging their child or young adult in meaningful math activities at home. 

Presenters: Presenters: Alycia M. Trakas, Education Consultant, CSDE; Christopher M. Barclay, Educational & Behavioral Consultant / Licensed Psychologist, EASTCONN