Career and Technical Education in the Middle School

Research indicates middle school students benefit the most from quality career and education (CTE) programs (ACTE, 2020) as middle school CTE courses:

  • provide students the academic and technical skills needed for a variety of high-skill, high-wage, and in-demand careers;
  • offer students opportunities to explore potential careers and build self-awareness;
  • provide opportunities for students to start developing basic career skills and employability skills, such as professional communication, leadership, and collaboration; and
  • Expose CTE courses in the middle school will create a pipeline to CTE courses offered at the high school by allowing students to make informed course selection.


Career Awareness Activities:

  • Offer Career and Technical Education exploratories
  • Enrichment activities during and after school
  • Facilitate discussions surrounding career opportunities
  • Occupational inventories
  • Online career explorations
  • Guest speakers from Business and Industry Partners
  • Community Partnerships
  • Career days
  • Career fairs
  • Field trips
  • Job shadows
  • High School visits to see what Career and Technical Education courses are available

Career Exploration: