Domestic Equity Brokerage Program

The Office of the Treasurer has a Domestic Equity Brokerage Program aimed at keeping more of the Treasury's brokerage business in Connecticut, and providing women and minority owned firms and firms new to the industry a greater opportunity to earn a share of the Treasury's business. This initiative has been endorsed by the state's Investment Advisory Council.

The initiative encourages domestic equity portfolio managers to allocate 30 percent of brokerage commissions to Connecticut-based broker-dealers; 25 percent to minority broker-dealers and/or women broker-dealers; and 5 percent to emerging broker-dealers.

The Office of the Treasurer does not direct investment managers to do business with any particular firm, nor will it select brokerage firms. Trading decisions will continue to be made by investment managers.

Brokers wishing to participate in the Domestic Equity Brokerage Program may contact the Funds' portfolio managers directly.