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12/21/23: United States’ Nursing Home Finances: Spending, Profitability, and Capital Structure - Charlene Harrington, Richard Mollot, Robert Tyler Braun, Dunc Williams, 2023 (

12/21/23: New Treatment Reverses Alzheimer’s Disease Signs - Penn Medicine

12/21/23: Consumer Voice - 2023 Report  “Where Do The Billions of Dollars Go:  A Look At Nursing Home Related Party Transactions”

12/20/23: Issue Brief - Why Nursing Homes Need a Minimum Staffing Standard

12/20/23: Symptoms improved with treatment changes in later stages of Parkinson’s - McKnight's Long-Term Care News (

12/19/23: Medicaid Financing Transparency Concerns Addressed by MACPAC (

12/18/23: Bill calls for consolidated cost reporting by related nursing home businesses - McKnight's Long-Term Care News (

12/17/23: Research: 'Cruel' social media posts target US nursing home residents (

12/15/23: Is your CT town getting older or younger? (

12/14/23: Annual Assisted Living Resident Quality of Life and Family Satisfaction Surveys to Launch in January | LeadingAge Minnesota (

12/14/23: Understanding a Growing Crisis: Substanc... | Senate Committee On Aging

12/12/23: Rosa DeLauro proposes wide-scale expansion of right-to-counsel (

12/13/23: Rights and Wrongs in Medicaid-Funded Assisted Living - Justice in Aging

12/12/23: Class Action Targets Insurer for Forcing Seniors from Nursing Homes - (

12/12/23: CMS: May take 3 years to finalize nursing home staffing rule - News - McKnight's Long-Term Care News (

12/11/23: Housing America's Older Adults 2023 (

12/11/23: Home care largely unaffordable, especially for middle-class seniors, Harvard research shows (

12/11/23: Resident satisfaction indicators in long term care settings in the United States: A scoping review - ScienceDirect

12/11/23: Resident satisfaction key to improving quality of life in long-term care facilities: researchers - News - McKnight's Senior Living (

12/4/23: (Mcknights) State, feds take steps to ensure rights for LBGTQ+ seniors, workers

11/28/23: (Journal of Applied GerontologyResidents' Fear of Retaliation in America’s Nursing Homes: An Exploratory Study - Eilon Caspi, 2023

11/28/23: (District of VermontU.S. Attorney Reminds Skilled Nursing Facilities Not to Refuse Treatment to People with with Substance Use Disorder | United States Department of Justice

11/28/23: (McknightsState staffing minimums provided motive to falsify nursing home records, witness testifies in ‘ghost employees’ trial 

11/25/23: (McknightsNursing homes’ financial reporting just ‘smoke and mirrors,’ consumer advocate alleges 

11/25/23: (U.S. Senate Report) Residents at Risk: Quality of Care Problems in Understaffed Nursing Homes and the Need for a New Federal Nursing Home Staffing Standard

11/20/23: (Brown & Barron) How to Spot Nursing Home Red Flags

11/20/23: (Mcknights) New research shows that social interaction really can be a matter of life and death for older adults

11/20/23: (KFF) What to Know About Assisted Living

11/15/23: (ASPE) Trends in Ownership Structures of U.S. Nursing Homes and the Relationship with Facility Traits and Quality of Care (2013-2022)

11/15/23: (White House) Biden-Harris Administration Continues Unprecedented Efforts to Increase Transparency of Nursing Home Ownership

11/19/23: (Health Affairs) A Promising Turning Point For Dementia Care: The GUIDE Model | Health Affairs

10/25/23: (Mcknights) Advocates warn of slower sales as nursing home ownership law begins - Includes info on CT change of ownership law going into effect

10/25/23: (Mcknights) Former Speaker Ryan says CMS staffing mandate can be overruled, tabs senior care workforce solutions

10/25/23: (Mcknights) Federal bill would send more funds to states to stabilize HCBS in assisted living and other settings

10/25/23: (CTInsider) Crestfield Rehabilitation Center & Fenwood Manor in Manchester closing

10/25/23: (Health Affairs) Incorporating Value-Based Payment Into State-Directed Payment Arrangements Can Improve Outcomes For Dually Eligible Individuals

10/25/23: (KFF) Payment Rates for Medicaid Home- and Community-Based Services: States’ Responses to Workforce Challenges

10/23/23: (Stamford Advocate) New plan emerges for Stamford Long Ridge Road senior housing

10/16/23: (McKnightsNurse aide association calls on feds to raise proposed staffing rule from 3.0 hours per day to 4.2 hours

10/13/23: (KFF) Feds Rein In Use of Predictive Software That Limits Care for Medicare Advantage Patients

10/9/23: (Ziegler) Ziegler CFO survey of 250 primarily non-profit system and independent senior living providers and 2023 fee increases and 2024 anticipated fee increases by different provider types:  CCRC, AL, SNF, etc 

10/9/23: (Skilled Nursing News) Redefining the Hospital to Skilled Nursing Pipeline: Inside New Practices, Programs Driving Referrals

10/8/23: (Justice in Aging) 45% of Americans over 65 have trouble meeting their basic needs 

10/8/23: (Skilled Nursing NewsExpect ‘Skeletons’: With Mom-and-Pops at Breaking Point, Nursing Home Chains Hone Acquisition Practices

10/6/23: (CMSSMD 23-006 - Assurance of Transportation: A Medicaid Transportation Coverage Guide

10/5/23: (Mcknights) New Supreme Court term has major implications for long-term care – including nursing home billing and collection practices, binding arbitration, and ADA testers test

10/4/23: (Fire Through Dry Grass) Gripping documentary from the inside the heart of the New York City nursing homes during the pandemic. Festival Screenings. 

10/3/23: (LA Times) Mr. Ayers ends up in the hospital, a reminder that problems with nursing home oversight remain

10/3/23: (National Consumer Voice) Fall 2023 issue of “The Resident Advocate” with tips and advice for residents

10/3/23: (National Consumer Voice) Fact Sheet: Advocating for Rights and Better Care in Nursing Homes

10/2/23: (The Greenhouse Project) BEYOND NURSING HOMES: Imagining a new continuum of eldercare unburdened by the past- Green House/Pioneer Network/Center for Innovation report on future of elder care.

10/2/23: (Mcknights) LeadingAge staffing mandate cost estimate outpaces AHCA’s; Exec urges Congress to act (

9/29/23: (National Consumer Voice) Better Staffing Is Achievable:  A Look at For-Profit Versus Non-Profit Nursing Homes

9/29/23: (AARP) Innovation and Opportunity: A State Scorecard on Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Adults, People with Physical Disabilities, and Family Caregivers

9/29/23: (AARP) AARP scorecard captures nursing home faults, innovations state-by-state

9/27/23: (LTCCC) Report that it would cost only $1.09/resident day or $71 million to achieve 24/7 nursing nationwide for those SNFs not providing 24/7 RN per LTCCC analysis of CMS staffing data Q1 2023 and Dept of Labor average salary info.

9/26/23: (Mcknights) Price of nursing home staffing mandate is $6.8B, 100K more workers, AHCA/Clifton Larsen Allen analysis finds

9/25/23: (COVID.GOV) Beginning September 25, every U.S. household can again place an order to receive four more free COVID-19 rapid tests delivered directly to their home.

9/21/23: (LTCCC) Webinar: New Proposed Federal Nursing Home Standard: The Good, The Bad, and The Data Essentials

9/20/23: (CMS) Updates to Nursing Home Care Compare Staffing and Quality Measures: revisions include penalty for SNFs that do not submit staffing data or erroneous will be listed lowest possible for staffing turnover

9/20/23: (Mcknights) CMS ‘naive’ about staffing minimum proposal details, professor claims

9/13/23: (Mcknights) How long must U.S. seniors wait for nursing homes to clean up their act? Congress must step in

9/13/23: (Consumer Voice) Unpacking CMS’ Proposed Minimum Staffing Standard

9/1/23: (Mcknights) CMS issues first-ever nursing home staffing mandate

9/1/23: (White House) FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Takes Steps to Crack Down on Nursing Homes that Endanger Resident Safety

8/10/23 (Mcknights) U.S. House bill to allow observation status to qualify for 3-day qualifying Medicare stay – CT Rep. Joe Courtney a leader and sponsor 

8/3/23: (CT Mirror) State asks Judge to close Waterbury Gardens nursing home

8/2/23: (Mcknights) National Advisory Commission for long-term care proposed — without providers

8/1/23: (CT Mirror) CT nursing home residents, families plead for higher staffing levels

6/20/23: (Mcknights) Lawmakers pass on increasing nursing home staffing minimums but hike transparency requirements

6/8/23: (Leading Age CT) LeadingAge CT 2023 legislative report at conclusion of legislative session 

6/1/23: (CMS) CMS announces plan to ensure availability of new Alzheimer’s drugs

5/31/23: (CT Mirror) Beefed-up elder care reform bill clears CT House

5/30/23: (McKnights) 4 things the 2020 Census might tell us about senior living’s future

5/30/23: (Beckers) CMS: Five claim audit for all nursing homes to begin in June

5/24/23: (McKnights) Underreporting of fall, pressure ulcer hospitalizations ‘widespread’ in nursing home data

5/19/23: (U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging) Uninspected and Neglected: Nursing Home Inspection Agencies are Severely Understaffed Putting Residents at Risk

5/18/23: (U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging) Residents at Risk: The Strained Nursing Home Inspection System and the Need to Improve Oversight, Transparency, and Accountability

5/8/23: (CMS) - QSO-20-39-NH REVISED Updated Nursing Home Guidance with Revised Visitation Recommendations

5/8/23: (CMS)  - QSO-20-38-NH REVISED Policy and Regulatory Revisions in Response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency related to Long-Term Care (LTC) Facility Testing Requirements

4/18/23: (White House) - FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Most Sweeping Set of Executive Actions to Improve Care in History

3/29/23: (National Consumer Voice) New Report: How Nursing Homes Funnel Billions of Dollars Through Related Party Companies Each Year with Little Scrutiny from the Federal Government

3/28/23: (CT Mirror) Age of CT Nursing Homes

2/2/23: (Center for Medicare Advocacy)  Connecticut Coalition of Resident Council Presidents Urge Lawmakers to Prioritize Nursing Home Staffing Challenges

1/31/23: (NPRNursing home owners drained cash while residents deteriorated, state filings suggest

1/25/23: ( The Role of Real Estate Investment Trusts in Staffing US Nursing Home

1/19/23: (National Consumer Voice) New OIG Report on First Year of COVID-19 Pandemic Dispels Myth of Inevitability of Infection, Finds Fault with Infection Surveys, and Recommends Exploring Increased Staffing to Protect Residents from Infections

1/19/23: (OIGThe Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (OIG) released a data brief that examined how COVID-19 affected nursing homes during the first year of the pandemic.

1/18/23: (National Consumer VoiceCMS Announces Actions to Combat the Illegal Drugging of Nursing Home Residents

1/18/23: (CMS) CMS to increase oversight of inappropriate antipsychotics use

1/6/23: (Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission) MACPAC Report Calls for Increased Transparency in How Nursing Homes Spend Medicaid Dollars: Report Supports Nursing Home Resident Advocates Call for Increased Transparency in Nursing Home Finances


12/7/22: (CDC) COVID-19 Action Plan

11/21/22: (DPH) Policies and Procedures regarding Nursing Home Staffing Levels to implement the requirement of Section 19a-563h

11/14/22: (OIG) OIG Report: Long-Term Trends of Psychotropic Drug Use in Nursing Homes 

9/23/22: (CMS) September 23rd 2022 | QSO-20-39-NH REVISED Updated Nursing Home Guidance with Revised Visitation Recommendations

9/23/22: (CMS) Infographic | How to Safely Conduct Visits in Nursing Homes 

9/23/22: (CDC) September 23rd 2022 | Core Principles of Infection Control Practices to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Spread in Nursing Homes

9/23/22: (CMS) September 23rd 2022 | QSO-20-38-NH REVISEDPolicy and Regulatory Revisions in Response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency related to Long-Term Care (LTC) Facility Testing Requirements

9/21/22: (Mcknights) BREAKING: Congressional study eviscerates for-profit nursing homes

9/19/22: (National Consumer Voice) Resources for National Resident Rights Month! (October)

9/16/22: (LTCOP) VOICES 2022!


8/29/22: (CMS) August 29th 2022 | Nursing Home Staffing Study Listening Session

8/25/22: (Center for Medicare Advocacy) Form to Contest Multiple Medicare Denials Issued by Medicare Advantage Plans

7/27/22: (CMS) Updates to Nursing Home Care Compare Website July 2022 Fact Sheet

7/20/22: (National Consumer Voice) Webinar of the Overview of CMS’s New Phase 3 Nursing Home Guidance

7/13/22: (National Consumer Voice) Summary of CMS's June 29th, 2022 Updated Nursing Home Guidance

6/29/22: (CMS) CMS Issued long-awaited guidance to state survey agencies. New guidance goes into effect October 24th, 2022.

6/13/22: (LTCCC) Nursing Home Staffing Q4 2021 Released

6/10/22: (CT LTCOP) CT LTCOP Response to CMS' Request for Information on Minimum Staffing Standards in SNFs

5/16/22:   (Kaiser Family Foundation) State Actions to Address Nursing Home Staffing During COVID-19

4/28/22: (National Consumer Voice) CMS Requests Input on the Implementation of a Minimum Staffing Standard and Equity Measures

4/21/22: (CMS) April 26th 2022 | National Stakeholder Call with CMS Administrator, Chiquita Brooks -LaSure

4/20/22: (HHS) HHS Releases New Data and Report on Hospital and Nursing Home Ownership

4/20/22: (AARP) Free Webinar Opportunity Friday 4/22/22 at noon Join AARP for “Fighting Fraud with AARP CT” third show featuring the topic Home Improvement/Contract Scams

4/13/22: (National Consumer Voice) Consumer Voice's New Report Highlights How Nursing Homes with Higher Staffing Levels Have Better Five-Star Ratings and Less Instances of Abuse

4/11/22: (Mcknights) Bridge temporary nurse aides to CNAs now, before waiver ends, AHCA warns

4/11/22: (HHS) HHS Takes Actions to Promote Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes

4/7/22: (CMS)  QSO-22-15-NH | Update to COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Blanket Waivers for Specific Providers

4/7/22: (Skilled Nursing News) CMS to Phase Out Nursing Home TNA Program, Other PHE Waivers

4/1/22: (DPH) Essential Support Persons, and State-wide Visitation for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities

3/10/22: (CMA) Connecticut Legislation Takes Aim at Nursing Home Temporary Staffing Agencies

3/7/22: (McKnights) Additional staffing metrics point to organizational stability

3/2/22: (National Academies of ScienceThe National Imperative to Improve Nursing Home Quality; Honoring Our Commitment to Residents, Facility, and Staff

3/1/22: (National Consumer Voice) Inadequate Staffing During the COVID-19 Pandemic and it's Catastrophic Effects on Nursing Home Residents

3/1/22: (White House) FACT SHEET: Protecting Seniors and People with Disabilities by Improving Safety and Quality of Care in the Nation’s Nursing Homes

2/9/22: (CGA List of all 2022 Legislative Committee Assignments

2/4/22: (Milbank) Issue Brief: A Call for Federal Action to Improve Nursing Facilities

1/21/22: (DPH)  January 21st, 2022 | DPH Nursing Home Visitation Guidance

1/19/22: (GOVERNOR LAMONT) January 19th | Executive Order 14F Requiring Proof of Vaccination or Testing for Visitation

1/6/22: (CMS) January 6th 2022 | Nursing Home Visitation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


11/21/21: OIG - Facility-Initiated Discharges in Nursing Homes Require Further Attention (November 2021)

11/12/21: CMS - Updated Visitation Guidance Released 11-12-21

11/1/21: LTCCC - Broken Promises: An assessment of federal data on nursing home oversight and the impact of lax enforcement on residents and families.

10/8/21: LTCOP - VOICES 2021

9/28/21: LTCOP - Silver Panther (Special VOICES Edition) Released

9/27/21: CDC - Updated Booster Guidance

9/15/21: CMS - Updated Testing Guidance for Nursing Facilities

9/1/21: LTCOP - VOICES 2021 October 8th, 2021 Registration Link Available

8/26/21: Nursing Home 411 -Nursing Home Staffing 2021 Q1

8/25/21: CMS - CMS released findings from a preliminary analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on Medicare beneficiaries in nursing homes.  

8/18/21: CMS - Biden-Harris Administration Takes Additional Action to Protect America’s Nursing Home Residents from COVID-19

8/11/21: National Consumer Voice - Senate Introduces Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act

8/6/21: Governor Lamont - Governor Lamont Issues Executive Order No. 13B. Which requires staff of long term care facilities to receive at least their first dose of the vaccines no later than September 7, 2021. Failure of a long-term care facility to comply with the order will subject the facility to a $20,000 civil penalty per day. 

8/5/21: Governor Lamont - Governor Lamont Issues Executive Order No. 13A. Which enables the Connecticut Department of Public Health to require the testing of nursing home staff and residents for an infectious disease during an outbreak at a frequency as determined by the department. Pursuant to this newly enacted law, Dr. Deidre Gifford, who serves as acting commissioner of the department, plans to require that all unvaccinated nursing home staff statewide receive weekly testing for COVID-19.

8/4/21: AARP - The AARP Fraud Watch Network and Volunteers of America (VOA) created a new, free program to provide emotional support for people impacted by a scam or fraud. AARP Fraud Watch Network VOA | ReST (Resilience, Strength, Time) features online, hour-long, confidential small groups, led by trained peer facilitators. Learn how you can re-establish trust, integrate your experience and build back your resilience, despite a difficult and painful occurrence. You are welcome to attend one session or many sessions – it’s your choice. Experiencing a scam can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to define you. Sign up for a session and take an important step toward emotional recovery. To Share this resource you can link them to the toolkit here.

7/19/21: Attorney General Tong - Attorney General Tong Launches Elder Justice Hotline

6/15/21: Representative Claudia TenneyRepresentatives Tenney and Larson Introduce Updated Bipartisan Essential Caregivers Act

6/2/21: AARP - Virtual U: Art & Education–3-Part Series with Noah Fox: This workshop will use art and storytelling to offer a unique look at LGBTQIA+ history, concepts of identity, and the importance of telling one’s own story. Free virtual event starting on June 3, 2021 at 7:00pm ET.

6/2/21: LTCOP - World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 15th!

5/27/21: Coalition for Elder Justice in Connecticut: Virtual Symposium – Advocating Through Adversity 6/22/2021 @9:15AM ET

5/14/21: National Consumer Voice - Nursing Home Visitation and Quarantine: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Advocacy Strategies for Families

5/13/21: Governor Lamont - Governor Lamont Confirms Postponement of Nursing Home Strike Following Tentative Settlement Between Facility Owners and Healthcare Employees Union

4/30/21: LTCCC - CT's Nursing Home Staffing Levels Q4 2020

4/27/21: McknightsBREAKING: CDC lifts restrictions on dining, other activities for fully vaccinated nursing home residents

4/27/21: CMS - QSO-20-38-NH, Interim Final Rule (IFC), CMS-3401-IFC, Additional Policy and Regulatory Revisions in Response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency related to Long-Term Care (LTC) Facility Testing Requirements and Revised COVID19 Focused Survey Tool

4/27/21: CMS - (REVISED) Nursing Home Visitation - COVID-19

4/9/21: CTLTCOP / DPH - Visitation Slides from Facebook Live 

4/8/21: CMS - QSO-21-17-NH, Updates to Long-Term Care (LTC) Emergency Regulatory Waivers issued in response to COVID-19 

4/7/21: National Consumer Voice - Summary of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidance on Quarantine

4/5/21: DPH - Assisted Living Services Agencies and Managed Residential Communities Summary of State Support for Weekly Staff Testing Toolkit 

4/1/21: National Bureau of Economic Research - How Patients Fare When Private Equity Funds Acquire Nursing Homes

4/1/21: National Consumer Voice - Summary of Key Changes For Residents and Their Families for the March 10th CMS Guidance

3/30/21: Senior Straight TalkLong Term Care Ombudsman Fight For You and Your Rights Hosted By Phyllis Ayman

3/29/21: CDC - Updated LOA and Quarantine Guidance

3/26/21: DPH - Visitation Algorithm and Decision Tree March 26th, 2021 

3/16/21: CMS - Infographic "Mom's Vaccinated: When can I go visit her?"

3/12/21: National Consumer Voice - Webinar presented by Evan Shulman Discussing the Revised March 10th Nursing Home Visitation Guidance

3/11/21: CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services COVID-19: National Nursing Home Stakeholder Call Audio Recording

3/11/21: CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services COVID-19: National Nursing Home Stakeholder Call Transcript

3/10/21:  CMSCMS Fact Sheet Regarding Updated 3/10/21 Nursing Home Visitation Guidance

3/10/21: ** BREAKING** CMSCMS March 10th Updated Nursing Home Guidance with Revised Visitation Recommendations

3/10/21: Webinar - Free Webinar Regarding Family and Caregivers Resident Rights

3/10/21: S.B. 1030 - New Proposed Legislation 

3/8/21: CDC - Most Updated CDC guidance for Non-Healthcare Settings Such as Managed Residential Communities

3/3/21: LTCOP - LTCOP Connection Matter / Person Centered Care / Essential Supports Poster

3/1/21: Senator Blumenthal - COVID-19 Nursing Home Protection Act (S.333)

2/12/21: DSS - Letter to nursing home and residential care home administrators in regards to treatment of EIP. Also known as the economic impact payment or stimulus. 

2/2/21: LTCOP - Selection of priority focus bills highlighted by the CT Long Term Care Ombudsman Program for legislation session week 2/2/21. Bills are Organized into priority list # 1-3

2/2/21: Justice in Aging - Updated Guide from Justice in Aging on 25 Common Nursing Home Problems & How to Resolve Them

1/27/21: LTCOP - Selection of priority focus bills highlighted by the CT Long Term Care Ombudsman Program for legislation session week 1/26/21. Bills are Organized into priority list # 1-3.

1/22/21: Nursing Home 411 - Q3 Staffing 2020 Payroll Based Journal Nursing Home Staffing Report

1/22/21: LTCOP - Silver Panther Newsletter Winter Edition 2021 Released

1/20/21: LTCOP - Selection of priority focus bills highlighted by the CT Long Term Care Ombudsman Program for legislation session week 1/20/21. Bills are Organized into priority list # 1-3.

1/19/21: National Consumer Voice - COVID-19 Vaccine Safety: A Fireside Chat with CMS, CDC, and A Representative from Consumer Voice. Wednesday, January 20, 2021. 4:00pm ET

1/15/21: National Consumer Voice - The Devastating Effect of Lockdowns on Residents of Long Term Care Facilities During COVID-19: A survey of residents families. 

1/14/21: GovernorGovernor Lamont Announces Connecticut Residents Over 75 Can Now Register for COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments as State Transitions To Phase 1b

1/12/21: LTCOP  - Selection of priority focus bills highlighted by the CT Long Term Care Ombudsman Program for legislation session week 1/12/21. Bills are Organized into priority list # 1-3. 

1/12/21: National Press Club Journalism Institute - On Wednesday, Jan. 13 at 12 p.m. ET, the National Press Club Journalism Institute will host a live conversation on communication challenges around the COVID-19 vaccine. The goals of the webinar will be to assist public health officials and communicators to use insights into public opinion about the COVID-19 vaccine to address concerns, dispel myths, and share effective messages that encourage vaccination.

1/6/21: LTCOP - CT LTCOP Commercial in English and Spanish Reviewing Resident Rights and the COVID-19 Vaccine 

1/5/21: National Consumer Voice - Making a Case for Compassionate Care Handout



12/22/20: DPH  - Blast Fax Regarding Regarding Lateral Transfers from Nursing homes to CRF's

12/22/20: National Consumer Voice - Information on the COVID-19 Vaccination Process

12/21/20: CDCImportance of COVID-19 Vaccination for Residents of Long-term Care Facilities

12/18/20: Lincoln CenterLincoln Center Moments is a free performance-based program specially designed for individuals with dementia and their caregivers. Join us as we bring Lincoln Center's unparalleled artistry to an intimate and supported setting. Each program includes a performance, followed by activities facilitated by educators and music therapists exploring the work through discussion, movement, music, and art-making.

12/10/20: DPH - Long Term Care COVID-19 Playbook

12/4/20: AUCD - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Considerations for the Disability Community

12/2/20: The Hill - Elder Justice Coalition's Bob Blancato Calls for the Reauthorization of the Elder Justice Act

11/30/20: CMS -  CMS Retires Nursing Home Compare website on December 1, 2020. New Nursing Home Compare Site Can be Found at

11/24/2020: AARP Avoiding the Roadblocks & Potholes of Fraud: Paul Greenwood AARP FWN LIVE Tele-Town Hall Discussion | Event 12/3/20 @ 11AM ET

11/23/2020: CT LGBTQ Survey Join the CT LGBTQ+ Community Survey! The results of this survey will be shared with LGBTQ+ organizations and funders to support initiatives for Connecticut's LGBTQ+ community. Together we can make every voice count.

11/23/2020: National Consumer Voice - Holiday Visits and COVID-19 Fact Sheet

11/20/2020: LTCOP & DPH: Letter Regarding Holiday

11/19/2020: Associated Press - Not just COVID: Nursing home neglect deaths surge in shadows

11/19/2020: CMS - CMS Urges Nursing Homes to Follow Established COVID Guidelines This Holiday Season

11/12/2020: Nursing Home 411: Compare Nursing Home Staffing Q2 2020 - To help the public find out about nursing home staffing in our communities, LTCCC publishes, on a quarterly basis, information on staffing for every nursing home in Connecticut 

11/10/2020: Alzheimer's Foundation -  On TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2020 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM (ET) The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is holding a free virtual educational conference as part of its Educating America Tour to connect Connecticut residents with information about Alzheimer’s disease, brain health, caregiving and advance planning. Click Here to see the Agenda. Click Here to Register, it is free and open to all!

11/5/2020: CDC: COVID-19 and The Holidays Recommendations 

11/4/2020: Justice in Aging - 25 Common Nursing Home Problems - & How to Resolve Them

11/3/2020: CMSCMS Launches New Nursing Home Resource Center. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has launched the Nursing Home Resource Center, a new online platform that serves as a centralized hub of the latest information, guidance and data on nursing homes that is important to facilities, providers, residents, and their families.

10/15/2020: National Consumer VoiceThe COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted residents of long-term care facilities and their families. In-person visitation restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 required residents and families to adapt quickly to other means of connection. As in-person visits resume, be sure to focus on your loved one and how happy you are to see each other. Take a moment to also look at your loved one and your surroundings. You’ll want to note any changes in your loved one’s appearance or demeanor to get a better sense of the impact on him or her. This resource provides suggestions of what to look for, questions to ask, and what you can do if you have concerns about their condition.

10/6/2020: CMS - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Nursing Home Visitation

9/30/2020: Altarum - Experiences of Nursing Home Residents During the Pandemic: What we learned from residents about life under Covid-19 restrictions and what we can do about it

9/30/2020: Mathematica - Final Report | A Study of the COVID-19 Outbreak and Response in Connecticut Long-Term Care Facilities

9/29/2020: National Consumer Voice - Register for National Consumer Voice 44th Annual Conference - Quality Now and Tomorrow: Creating a Better Future Together

9/29/2020: National Consumer Voice - October is Resident Rights Month

9/25/2020: DPH - Blast Fax 92 Regarding New CMS Guidance and Nursing Home Visitation

9/25/2020: DPH - September 25th Order Rescinding Previous Orders Restricting Indoor Visitation

9/23/2020: Senate Finance Committee - COVID-19 IN NURSING HOMES: What Went Wrong and Next Steps

9/22/2020: Senate Aging Committee - The Cost of Inaction: 11 Deaths An Hour: An Update on the Trump Administration’s Response to COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

9/17/2020:MITRE - Coronavirus Commission for Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes Final Report

9/17/2020: CMS -  September 17th Expansion to Nursing Home Visitation and COVID-19

9/2/2020: LTCOP - State Ombudsman Mairead Painter Testimony for Legislative Committee Listening Session

8/27/2020: DPH - August 27th DPH Order Regarding Updated Visitation Guidance 

8/20/2020: LTCOP - August is National Immunization Awareness Month

8/19/2020: LTCOP - Room Transfer Rights Presentation

8/18/2020: Mathematica - Interim Report of Independent Review of COVID-19 in Connecticut Long Term Care Facilities 

8/18/2020: LTCOP - Silver Panther Summer Edition 2020 Released

8/17/2020: McKnights - CMS Resumes Routine Inspections for Nursing Home Providers.

8/17/2020: CMS - August 17th Memo Regarding the Resumption of Routine Inspections of All Medicare and Medicaid Certified Providers. 

8/13/2020: DPH - New Web Page Dedicated Specifically to Nursing Home Guidance and Resources

8/5/2020: DPH - Updated Guidance for Healthcare Providers

7/29/2020: Connecticut Legal Services - Nursing Home Visitation Experiences

7/7/2020: CDC - Various Upper Respiratory sites from which specimens can be collected. 

7/7/2020: DPH - Flow Chart Nursing Home Staff Testing Algorithm 

7/1/2020: LTCOP - Letter from LTCOP to Residents, Family Members and Responsible Parties Regarding Staffing Levels

6/30/2020: AARP - Call to Action. Tell Legislators facilities must have the PPE and testing they need to identify cases to prevent the spread of infection. Virtual Visitation must be made available and facilitated as a safety measure between residents and their families and to reject legal immunity to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other long-term care facilities. 

6/29/2020: June 30th is #VisitationSavesLives Day.

6/26/2020: LTCOP & DPH - Letter to Residents, Family Members and Responsible Parties.

6/23/20: CMS - June 23rd CMS Guidance / FAQ for Nursing Home Visitation

6:20/20: Attorney General Tong - Attorney General Tong Press Release Urging Public to Report COVID19 Stimulus Payments Seized by Nursing Homes

6/17/2020: AARP - Call to Action. Tell legislators nursing home residents should be able to install cameras in their rooms and that nursing homes should not have blanket immunity from civil liability because of COVID-19.

6/12/2020: LTCOP - Economic Impact Payment Stimulus Compendium

6/9/2020: National Consumer Voice - Webinar Link for Family Advocacy for Residents During COVID-19. Thursday, June 18, 2020  -  2:00pm ET

6/8/2020: DPH - Blast Fax 67 Reviewing Infection Control/Testing Guidance as well as Outdoor Recreation and Visitation

6/7/2020: LTCOP - Resources and Best Practices for Fathers Day

6/2/2020: State of CT - Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities Data Updated Weekly

5/29/2020: Governor - May 29th Press Release of Connecticut Nursing Homes with Residents Positive COVID-19 by Town

5/29/2020: Governor - May 29th  Press Release of Connecticut Assisted Living Facilities with Residents Positive for COVID-19 by Town

5/29/2020: DPH - DPH May 29th Blast Fax Regarding Resident Room Doors and COVID-19

5/29/2020: DPH - DPH launches new way to review survey inspection results.

5/22/2020: Governor - May 22nd Press Release with Current List of SNF's affected by COVID-19

5/22/2020: Governor -  May 22nd Press Release with Current list of Assisted Living Facilities affected by COVID-19

5/18/2020: CMS - CMS Nursing Home Reopening America and Nursing Home Recommendations for State and Local Officials

5/18/2020: CMS - CMS Reopening America and Nursing Homes FAQ for State and Local Officials

5/14/2020: Governor - May 14th Press Release with Current List of SNF's affected by COVID-19

5/14/2020: Governor -  May 14th Press Release with Current list of Assisted Living Facilities affected by COVID-19

5/9/2020: DPH - DPH Order May 9th Mandating Nursing Facility Provide Weekly Alternate Means of Communication with Residents/Family

5/7/2020: Governor - Press Release with Current List of SNF's affected by COVID-19

5/7/2020: Governor - Press Release with Current list of Assisted Living Facilities affected by COVID-19

5/7/2020: Consumer Voice - Taking Care Of YOU handout

5/6/2020: LTCOP - Mother's Day Ideas 2020

5/1/2020: Governor - Press Release with Current List of SNF's affected by COVID-19

5/1/2020: Governor - Press Release with Current list of Assisted Living Facilities affected by COVID-19

4/24/2020: Governor - Press Release with Current List of SNF's affected by COVID-19

4/21/2020: DPH - DPH Order April 21st which extended visitation restrictions until the end of the public health emergency

4/16/2020: Governor - Press Release with Current List of SNF's affected by COVID-19

4/11/2020: State Long Term Care Ombudsman - Letter to Residents, Family Members and Responsible Parties

4/4/2020: State Long Term Care Ombudsman - Self Care Resources.

3/30/2020: State Long Term Care Ombudsman and DPH - Joint Letter from LTCOP and DPH to Residents, Family Members and Responsible Parties

3/13/2020: DPH - DPH Order from March 13th banning nursing home visitation for 30 days.

3/10/2020: Governor Executive Order 7A - March 10th Governor Lamont Executive Order 7A Grants DPH commissioner authority to restrict visitors at nursing homes and similar facilities.

3/10/2020: State Long Term Care Ombudsman - Letter to Residents, Family Members and Responsible Parties regarding new DPH restrictions regarding visitation to Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes with Nursing Supervision.

3/9/2020: Department of Public Health - Memorandum Restricting Visitation at Long Term Care Facilities 

3/9/2020: CMS Coronavirus Guidance for Nursing Facilities - On March 4, CMS issued guidance for State Survey Agencies to limit the spread of Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19.)  This includes suspending non-emergency inspections of all healthcare facilities across the country and conducting screening of visitors and staff.

3/4/2020: Department of Justice Launches a National Nursing Home Initiative - Attorney General William P. Barr announced today the launch of the Department of Justice’s National Nursing Home Initiative, which will coordinate and enhance civil and criminal efforts to pursue nursing homes that provide grossly substandard care to their residents. 

2/28/2020: Selected Health and Legislative Bills by Category Through February 28th, 2020 - LTCOP Selected Health and Legislative Bills

2/26/2020: Nursing Home 411 - Compare Nursing Home Staffing Levels Q3 2019 - To help the public find out about nursing home staffing in our communities, LTCCC publishes, on a quarterly basis, information on staffing for every nursing home in Connecticut 

2/21/2020: New Nursing Home Initiative to Alleviate Workforce Crisis - The American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing (AAPACN) launches a new initiative today to increase awareness of the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) nursing profession among nursing students and other young men and women entering the workforce.

2/21/2020: Selected Health and Legislative Bills by Category Through February 21st, 2020 - LTCOP Selected Health and Legislative Bills

2/13/2020: Selected Health and Legislative Bills by Category Through February 13th, 2020 - LTCOP Selected Health and Legislative Bills

1/29/2020: CT Post Article More work to do on prescription drug prices - On Dec. 12, the U.S. House of Representative took a vital step to lower prescription drug costs and passed the Lower Drug Costs Now Act. This bipartisan bill offers real relief to the millions of Americans who struggle to afford their needed medications. The bill would allow Medicare to use its buying power to negotiate lower drug prices, create an out-of-pocket cap for seniors in Medicare Part D and crack down on excessive drug price increases.

1/16/2020: Minnesota Legalizes Surveillance Cameras in Senior Care Facilities - Families now have the right to monitor their loved ones from a distance.

1/15/2020: Residents Evicted From Nursing Homes in Disturbing Trend - A disturbing trend is becoming increasingly evident across the country: The eviction of vulnerable nursing home residents from their facilities, often without notice, preparation, or a safe and appropriate place to go.

11/25/2019:Nursing Home 411 - Compare Nursing Home Staffing Levels Q2 2019 - To help the public find out about nursing home staffing in our communities, LTCCC publishes, on a quarterly basis, information on staffing for every nursing home in Connecticut 

7/20/2019: Full Legislative Update Session End By Category - Summer 2019

7/20/2019: E-Board Session End - Executive Summary - Summer2019