About The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

What Is The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program?
The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP) works to improve the quality of life and quality of care of Connecticut citizens residing in nursing homes, residential care homes and assisted living communities.  All Ombudsman activity is performed on behalf of, and at the direction of residents.  All communication with the residents, their family members or legal guardians, as applicable, is held in strict confidentiality. 
The LTCOP responds to, and investigates complaints brought forward by residents, family members, and/or  other individuals acting on their behalf.  Ombudsmen offer information on consultation to consumers and providers, monitor state and federal laws and regulations, and make recommendations for improvement.  The program also recruits, trains, and  supervises Volunteer Resident Advocates who assist residents in resolving concerns.
What Does The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program Do For Long Term Care Residents?
RECEIVES and looks into complaints, and assists residents in resolving problems.
EDUCATES residents and families about their rights.
EMPOWERS and supports residents and families to discuss concerns with nursing home staff.
PROVIDES information regarding long-term care programs and services.
ADVOCATES improvements in state and federal laws and regulations.
REPRESENTS residents’ interests before governmental agencies.
IDENTIFIES and seeks to remedy gaps in facility, government, or community services.
RESPECTS the privacy and confidentiality of residents.
Our services are free and confidential.
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