What is the Query and Response Functionality in CT WiZ?

Read time: 6 minutes

To ensure individuals in Connecticut have a complete, consolidated vaccination record, if your electronic health record (EHR) established a bi-directional interface with CT WiZ, you can utilize the Query and Response (Q&R) functionality.  

    • This will enable you to utilize Q&R for vaccination records and forecasts.
    • If you have not yet established bi-directional exchange with CT WiZ, visit: CT WiZ Onboarding
  • Important Reminders:
    • Per State law, providers are required to electronically report all vaccinations for all ages to CT WiZ.
    • Confidentiality of the data in CT WiZ is protected by State law. Per State law, only authorized users access CT WiZ.  
    • Please review the user account roles for a description of who can access CT WiZ records for their patients, or for their students if they are a School Nurse.

Tips for querying CT WiZ:


  • Contact your EHR vendor or your practice manager on how to query from your EHR.
  • Querying generates traffic for CT WiZ and your EHR which may impact or slow performance of both systems.
  • Use non-regular and non-peak hours
  • Only Q&R patients that are needed
  • Do not Q&R for multiple patients at the same time (higher volume queries – schedule or send on non-peak hours, if possible)
  • For batch queries, each patient should contain the current date and time in the MSH.7. Date/Time Of Message, don’t use the same date and time for all the batch file.

When querying CT WiZ, if you do not receive the record, please note:

  • The records represent only data that has been reported to and/or entered into the CT WiZ.
  • Patient may not have been reported/entered yet by the clinic in CT WiZ.
  • Patient may not be an exact match (may have another name or demographics and could be a duplicate patient).
  • Patient possibly was vaccinated out of state, and CT WiZ has not established the interface with that state's Immunization Information System yet.
  • Patient possibly vaccinated by a federal provider clinic in Connecticut, and CT WiZ has not established the interface with that federal clinic yet.
  • Note: CT WiZ continues to establish secure interfaces as allowed per state law. CT WiZ Electronic Data Interfaces.