I am having issues accessing my record on the Public Portal webpage. What should I do?

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You won’t find the record if the contact information does not match what the provider reported to CT WiZ. To ensure security of records, an exact match is required when you search.


  • This includes your name, date of birth and the email or cell phone used at the vaccination clinic. You will need to have access to your email or cell phone to retrieve the verification code and enter it into the portal to verify your identity.

  • Parents and guardians cannot pull up their adult (18+) children’s records.


Troubleshooting tips for entering your information:


  • Use the exact name you used during registration at the clinic. Double check your vaccination appointment confirmation or related records to see if you may have used a nickname or alternate name.

  • Use the email or cell phone you used at the clinic registration.

  • Ensure you correctly typed the information when searching on the CT WiZ Public Portal.

  • Please Note: If email is not received instantly, check spam or junk email folders. If the phone number or email address you provided is incorrect and does not match what is in the patient record you will not be able to access the record.


If you were vaccinated in Connecticut and your record is incomplete/missing vaccination doses, your provider may not yet have reported the vaccination doses to CT WiZ. Contact your provider for assistance.


If you exceed the search attempt limit on the Public Portal webpage, you will be temporarily locked out. You will be able to try again later. Note: If multiple people are accessing the portal from the same internet network address, such as from a common network address at a workplace (also known as IP address), you may receive an error that you have exceeded your log-in attempts. Attempts from a common IP address are cumulative and if attempts are clustered too close together in time, will result in a lock out. This is by design to prevent phishing. 


Need additional help?


  • If you tried using the CT WiZ Public Portal and your (or your minor child's) immunization record was not found, you can complete this online form to request an update to access your immunization record.

  • Call our Main Immunization Program at Phone: 860-509-7929 during business hours Monday –Friday, 8:30 AM–4:30 PM.

  • You can also reach this contact information for support by clicking the HELP button on the top right corner of the public portal.