How does CT WiZ benefit providers?

Read time: 6 minutes

CT WiZ meets national standards for Immunization Information Systems with the following features:

  • Order your vaccines, report doses administered, and track your inventory all in one system.
  • Access your patients complete, consolidated records, including vaccines reported across state lines
  • Enables bi-directional electronic data exchange with your electronic health record system (EHR) for querying patients' previous histories from CT WiZ into your EHR and reporting vaccines administered to CT WiZ to ensure consolidated records and know which vaccines are due.
  • View the birth dose of hepatitis B administered in the Connecticut birthing hospitals.
  • Run your own Reminder/Recall Report to find patients that are not up to date.
  • View the “Recommender,” to see when to administer vaccines to your patients to help prevent under or over vaccinating.
  • Refer “late” patients to outreach services provided by our local IAP coordinators.
  • Assess your Immunization coverage rates with Coverage Assessment Reports.
  • View and print official immunization certificates for your patients for childcare, camp, school, college, work and travel, or refer them to the secure online CT WiZ Public Portal.