Re-enrollment for existing providers is annually October through December. New providers can join the program at any time. All enrollments/re-enrollments are done electronically directly in CT WiZ.


All public and private health care providers who receive vaccine from the Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP) or the Adult Vaccine Program must re-enroll electronically in CT WiZ. This enrollment provides shipping information and helps to determine the amount of vaccine to be supplied. The enrollment is also used to compare estimated vaccine needs with actual vaccine supply.


A few things before you proceed:



Need help completing the enrollment?

Review these provider profile re-enrollment tips (PDF). Ask your questions by attending CoVP/CVP Enrollment Office Hours every Monday from 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm. These sessions provide CVP and COVID-19 Vaccinating providers information about the enrollment process in CT WiZ.


Click to join CoVP/CVP CT WiZ.