What is the Query and Response functionality in CT WiZ?

Read time: 6 minutes

To ensure individuals in Connecticut have a complete, consolidated vaccination record, if your electronic health record (EHR) established a bi-directional interface with CT WiZ, you can utilize the Query and Response (Q&R) functionality.  

    • This will enable you to utilize Q&R for vaccination records and forecasts.
    • If you have not yet established bi-directional exchange with CT WiZ, visit: CT WiZ Onboarding
  • Reminder:
    • Per State law, providers are required to electronically report all vaccinations for all ages to CT WiZ.
      • Uni-directional reporting meets the state law for reporting vaccinations.
      • Bi-directional exchange also provides the benefit for providers to query their patients’ historical vaccination records and forecasts to prevent under/over vaccination.
    • Confidentiality of the data in CT WiZ is protected by State law. Per State law, only authorized users and providers access CT WiZ.  Click here for the main Immunization webpage.

Tips for querying CT WiZ:


Contact your EHR vendor or your practice manager on how to query from your EHR.


Querying generates traffic for CT WiZ and your EHR which may impact or slow performance of both systems.


  • Use non-regular and non-peak hours
  • Only Q&R patients that are needed
  • Do not Q&R for multiple patients at the same time (higher volume queries – schedule or send on non-peak hours, if possible)
  • For batch queries, each patient should contain the current date and time in the MSH.7. Date/Time Of Message, don’t use the same date and time for all the batch file.

When querying CT WiZ, if you do not receive the record, please note:

  • The records represent only data that has been reported to and/or entered into the CT WiZ.
  • Patient may not have been reported/entered yet by the clinic in CT WiZ.
  • Patient may not be an exact match (may have another name or demographics and could be a duplicate patient).
  • Patient possibly was vaccinated out of state, and this was not reported to CT WiZ.
  • Patient may have been vaccinated by a clinic under the federal partnership who received COVID-19 vaccines directly, and these clinics are in the process of reporting vaccinations to CT WiZ.

Note: Immunization Information Systems (IIS) to IIS electronic data exchange is allowed per state law and with a signed Memorandum of Agreement. This secure electronic interface from IIS to IIS ensures the patients have complete, consolidated records. CT WiZ established the electronic interface with the following IIS: NYC, NJ, MA, RI, Philly, DE, NV and with the following federal provider partnerships in CT: Veterans Health Administration (VHA). CT WiZ continues to establish secure interfaces as allowed per state law.