What is CT WiZ?

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Immunization Reporting with CT WiZ

CT WiZ is a secure web-based system that maintains complete and accurate immunization records for all Connecticut residents. It meets national standard requirements for effective tracking and administration of immunizations in a public health setting.

CT WiZ gives people the ability to:

  • Securely access their or their minor child’s immunization records using two-factor authentication
  • View and print official immunization records for schools, child care, camps, college, travel, and more.

It gives providers the ability to:

  • See consolidated immunization records for patients served by multiple providers.
  • Access vaccine forecasts and clinical decision support for due or overdue doses.
  • Generate Reminder/Recall, Immunization Coverage Rate Reports, and more.
  • Order CVP-supplied vaccines, report doses administered, and track inventory all in one system, if applicable.

CT WiZ for Vaccine Providers and Training