How does CT WiZ benefit providers?

Read time: 6 minutes

CT WiZ meets the IIS National Standards with the following features:

  • View and print official immunization certificates for your patients for schools, childcare, camps, college, work and travel. Visit 
  • Order your vaccines, report doses administered, and track your inventory all in one system.
  • Enables bi-directional (query and response) electronic data exchange with your electronic health record system (EHR).
  • Electronically query your patients' previous immunization records and consolidate them into one record.
  • Assess your coverage rates with Immunization Coverage Rate Reports.
  • View the “Recommender,” which forecasts vaccinations that are invalid, due, and overdue to help avoid under- and over-vaccinations.
  • Run your own Reminder/Recall Report to find patients that are not up to date.

Additional benefits of CT WiZ for providers include:

  • Obtain immunization histories on patients who transfer to your clinic from any other clinic in the state.
  • Have easy access to the first hepatitis B shot given in the birth hospital.
  • View the patient’s Immunization Medical Home and use the Recommender to see the earliest, recommended, overdue, and latest dates to administer that vaccine to the patient.
  • Refer “late” patients to outreach services provided by our local IAP coordinators.

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