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Agendas and Minutes
Listed below are FOI Commission agendas and minutes of its meetings and contested case hearings.  Please be advised that contested cases may be rescheduled or withdrawn.  To verify whether a particular contested case hearing will go forward, please contact the Freedom of Information Commission at 860-566-5682 or TOLL-FREE (CT ONLY): (866) 374-3617.
Additionally, the agendas and minutes published here are for the convenience of the public.  While every effort is made to assure accuracy, the public is advised that only the original documents on file at the Commission and with the Office of the Secretary of State, and copies thereof, are official.  In this regard, please note that the format of Commission agendas and minutes at this Website may not correspond exactly to the format in the official version of those agendas and minutes.  Pursuant to the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, the agendas and minutes posted on this website are public records and are, therefore, not private or confidential under law.
 Commission Meeting Agendas and Minutes
  Meeting Agendas 2012
   Meeting Minutes 2012
 Commission Schedule of Regular Meetings filed annually with Office of Secretary of State 
 List of  canceled or adjourned  Commission meetings for years 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008
Final Decisions January 12,2011
Final Decisions January 26, 2011
Final Decisions February 10, 2010 (adjourned to February 16, 2010)

Final Decisions June 24, 2009
Final Decisions January 28, 2009 (adjourned to January 29, 2009)

Final Decisions November 26, 2008
Final Decisions December 24, 2008