Pandemic EBT (P-EBT)

How To

How to Activate Your PEBT Card

  • Call the phone number on the back of the card
    • 1-888-328-2666
  • Enter the last four digits on the front of the card
  • Select 1 for English or 2 for Spanish
  • Enter the 18-digit card number on the front of the card
  • Enter the Date of Birth of the person whose name is on the front of the card using the 2 digit month + 2 digit day + 4 digit year
    • Example: October 3, 2014 = 10032014
    • Example 2: April 13, 2006 = 04132006
  • If the card is in the name of a parent/guardian, enter the last four digits of their Social Security Number (SSN)


  • If the card is in your child’s name, enter four zeroes (0000) in place of the SSN
  • Enter a 4-digit PIN number two times.  

DO NOT WRITE YOUR PIN on the card and DO NOT let anyone know your PIN. You must protect the EBT card and PIN. Lost or stolen benefits will not be replaced.

To report a card as lost or stolen, you should immediately call 1-888-328-2666.

How to Buy Food in the Store

  1. Go to a grocery store, corner store, or farmer’s market

      a.  P-EBT can be used anywhere SNAP benefits are accepted, like grocery stores or smaller corner stores
      b.  Look for signs that say “WE ACCEPT EBT / SNAP HERE”
      c.  Find SNAP retailers near you here

      d.  Find a list of Farmers Markets that will double SNAP and P-EBT benefits , click here

  2. Pick what you want to buy

      a.  You can use P‑EBT to buy most fresh, canned, and frozen food items like:

     i.  Fresh fruits and vegetables

    ii.  Meat, dairy and eggs

    iii.  Rice, beans and dry goods

    iv.  Seeds to grow your own plants

  3. Pay with your card at the register
    1. Remember your PIN when you go to the store
    2. Swipe your card at the check-out counter like a debit card, but press the button for EBT FOOD
    3. Enter your PIN on the number pad, then press Enter

How to Buy Food Online

You can use your P‑EBT card, just like a SNAP EBT card, to buy groceries online from Aldi, Amazon, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Food Bazaar, Price Chopper / Market 32, Sam’s Club Scan & Go, ShopRite, Stop & Shop and Walmart. In addition, Aldi, Price Chopper / Market 32, and Stop & Shop allow for online delivery with a partnership with Instacart.

Learn more at

How to Maximize P-EBT, SNAP, and WIC Benefits

Want to learn how to maximize your buying power using P-EBT, SNAP, and WIC benefits? Download this flyer to find out how!

Maximizing your WIC and SNAP benefits English

Maximizing your WIC and SNAP benefits Spanish