CT Medicaid Enterprise Technology System (CT METS)


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The Connecticut Medicaid Enterprise Technology System (CT METS) is a large-scale, statewide information technology (IT) and business process improvement program led by the Department of Social Services. The CT METS Program will examine the business processes and systems that are currently in place to manage HUSKY Health, including how we organize the large volumes of information necessary to support the program. CT METS will recommend technology and business process improvements to enhance delivery of services and support new initiatives through state-of-the art technology solutions.


CT METS Planned Solutions - The culmination of the CT METS Program will entail grouping related Medicaid functions into several individual, user-friendly technology modules, thus creating a modular Medicaid enterprise technology system. This will make for easier upgrading and replacement, when needed, and better ability to interconnect with other systems both inside and outside of the Department. Current in-scope CT METS Planned Solutionsinclude:

Page last updated 04/01/2024