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Healthy Connecticut 2025 builds upon the Healthy Connecticut 2020 initiative, which succeeded in decades of past state health reporting. Healthy Connecticut was launched in 2014 to advance health promotion and disease prevention through cross-sector partner collaboration and by specifically addressing the social, economic, and environmental determinants of health that create and perpetuate poor health outcomes for CT residents. In 2018, the SHIP Advisory Council and SHIP Action Team members began discussions about redesigning the plan’s framework. This involved looking at ways to improve health conditions in the state and considering the social determinants of health that could have the most impact.  In 2019, a State Health Assessment (SHA) was conducted, which looked at the overall health of the state's population. These results were considered in the 2019 SHIP Summit, which convened over 120 partners from across the state to prioritize health conditions and align them with social determinants of health. This helped to set goals for improving the residents’ health status over the next five years.

The SHIP Coalition Summit: Navigating Towards Health Equity

In 2020, input was gathered from state agencies to better understand how their work impacted social determinants of health. A Coalition-wide Survey was also conducted to build consensus around the focus of the Healthy CT 2025: State Health Improvement Plan. Additionally, community dialogue sessions were held across the state to test and validate the proposed framework redesign. The plan was released in 2021, and the work of the action teams and advisory council members began. This work is intended to discuss the implementation of the strategies and goals identified in the previous years.  


 Our Vision  

Through effective assessment, prevention, and policy development, the Connecticut Department of Public Health and its stakeholders and partners provide every Connecticut resident equitable opportunities to be healthy throughout their lifetimes and are accountable for making measurable improvements toward health equity.

Guided by this vision for health equity, CT DPH staff, Coalition partners, and external stakeholders collaborated to develop the State Health Assessment (SHA), the actionable foundation for the State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP). 

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Thank you to the many organizations and individuals who participated in the partner and public engagement process and contributed to the development of the health assessment.







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