Community Strength and Resilience

Our Goal: Ensure community strength, safety, and resiliency by providing equitable and sustainable access to community resources to address the unique physical, social, and behavioral health needs of all Connecticut residents.

1: Increase the number of community members who have the critical, essential resources to meet emergencies by 2025.
2: Increase the capacity of first responders, public health departments, and municipal service and community-based providers to deliver barrier-free, timely, trauma informed, and transparent aid to the public by 2025.
3: Increase the number of residents who have access to safe, affordable, and accessible technology, including internet-based public health and emergency information, by 2025.
4: Align existing multi-sector communication networks to provide a central point for accessing information statewide by 2025.
5: Increase the number of safe methods, spaces, and places for connecting residents to community life to measurably strengthen social capital by 2025.
6: Increase the number of policies and systems that address environmental and social justice, health disparities, and community safety as a result of meaningful community engagement by 2025

Read more on the strategies employed to accomplish these goals in the Community Strength and Resilience Priorities Snapshot


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