Economic Stability

Our Goal: Achieve equitable economic wellbeing, stability, and security so all Connecticut residents have the opportunity to work here, and can afford to live, stay, and retire here.

1: Increase the percentage of all CT residents who can meet their living expenses and have the ability to contribute at least 10% of their earnings towards savings by 2025.
2: Increase the amount of capital investment in communities and local businesses to support workforce development, community development, and entrepreneurship by 2025.
3: Increase the number of employers who invest in employee retention and wellness programs/policies that support the continuity of their work by 2025.
4: Increase the number of opportunities for children, young adults, adults, and retirees/older adults for equitable, affordable education on career development and personal finance by 2025.
5: Increase the number of employers across sectors that offer equitable and sustainable employment opportunities for all levels and demographics by 2025

Read more on the strategies employed to accomplish these goals in the Economic Stability Priorities Snapshot


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