Highway Operations ITS Engineering and Support

Highway Operations is responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient movement of traffic over the State highway network. The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Engineering and Support staff provides aid and supplements Newington Operations Center/Bridgeport Operations Center (NOC/BOC) staff in their duties. Communications and networking systems for the NOC/BOC are provided by ITS Engineering and Support staff (also responsible for system maintenance and upgrades). The ITS Engineering and Support staff also provides support for project initiation and design of Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) and Computerized Traffic Signal Systems (CTSS) projects throughout the state.

Requests for additional information should be addressed to:

Harold J. Decker
Bureau of Highway Operations
Principal Engineer
Email: Harold.Decker@ct.gov

Kevin Danh
Bureau of Highway Operations – Computerized Traffic Signal Systems (CTSS)
Transportation Supervising Engineer
Email: Kevin.Danh@ct.gov

Anthony M. Colangelo
Bureau of Highway Operations – Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS)
Transportation Supervising Engineer
Email: Anthony.Colangelo@ct.gov


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