Securities and Business Investments Division

What We Do
The Securities and Business Investments Division is responsible for 1) registering securities and business opportunity offerings sold in or from Connecticut; 2) registering (licensing) broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers and investment adviser agents who transact business in Connecticut; 3) registering branch offices of broker-dealer and investment advisory firms; 4) conducting on-site examinations of broker-dealer, investment adviser and branch office registrants; and 5) enforcing the Connecticut Uniform Securities Act, the Connecticut Business Opportunity Investment Act and the Connecticut Tender Offer Act.

The Division prides itself on its investor education program.  Staff members are available to give free informative talks and presentations on securities and business opportunity related topics. If you are interested in having someone from our agency speak to your school or organization, please contact the department at 1-800-831-7225, ext. 8170.

For valuable advice on avoiding scams and managing your money wisely, visit our investor education online resources page.

The Securities and Business Investments Division also receives advice and recommendations from a Securities Advisory Council regarding its administration of Connecticut's securities laws, the promulgation and amendment of related agency regulations and policies; and agency sponsored investor education activities.

Here is a snapshot of our current licensing activity:

Licensing At A Glance
June 30, 2024
Broker-dealers Registered 1,968
Broker-dealer Agents Registered 207,829
Broker-dealer Branch Offices Registered 2,331
Investment Advisers Registered 427
SEC Registered Advisers Filing Notice 2,559
Investment Adviser Agents Registered 15,510
Exempt Reporting Advisers
Agents of Issuer Registered 1


How We Can Help You

Verifying a License

Our Verify a License page helps you to find out if a securities professional or firm is licensed to do business in Connecticut.  We can also provide you with information on an individual's employment and disciplinary history and on the types of securities an individual is qualified to sell.  You can also call FINRA toll-free at 800-289-9999 to find out if agents or firms have disciplinary histories with securities regulators or criminal authorities.

Securities Product Registration and Exemption Check

Investment opportunities generally must be registered or exempt from registration in the state where they are sold. Investors can research a potential investment by contacting us. Although we can't make your investment decision for you, we can tell you whether or not particular securities are registered with the Division or whether the issuer has claimed an exemption from registration.

Mutual fund notice filing status can be checked online.

Business Opportunity Registration Check

If you are interested in buying a business opportunity or franchise, our registration status check page lets you see if the seller has registered the business opportunity or filed an exclusion claim under the Connecticut Business Opportunity Investment Act.

Business opportunity sellers can learn more about filing an exclusionary claim under Section 36b-61(2)(D) of the Connecticut Business Opportunity Investment Act by reading our Exclusion Checklist.


Our Online Consumer Assistance Form makes it easy for you to file a complaint if you believe you have been the subject of improper business conduct or fraud by a broker-dealer, investment adviser, securities issuer or business opportunity seller.  Investigating investor complaints is an important part of our enforcement program, and we will carefully review your complaint.

Research Agency Enforcement Orders and Settlements

If you are looking for a particular administrative order or settlement, or doing due diligence on an individual or firm, the agency's enforcement orders and settlements page is a valuable resource.

Industry and Compliance Tools

For the compliance professional, we offer a variety of online instructions and regulatory guides to help you get the job done.  The links below should get you started:

Online Publications
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