Need help with your taxes?  Carrot Project and Farm Credit East are a few organizations that provide agriculture specific tax assistance.

Register your business with CT Dept. of Revenue Services and obtain a Sales and Use Tax Permit (Form Reg-1). Certain items are taxable and you must collect state sales tax. The CT Dept. of Revenue Services can provide you with guidance on what is taxable. You are not required to obtain a sale and use tax permit if you raise and sell tobacco, fruit, vegetables, and board horses or are involved in dairy farming.

Obtain a Farmers Tax Exemption Permit (Form REG – 8) from the CT Dept. of Revenue Services. This permit enables you to purchase farm business related supplies free of sales tax.

Become familiar with CT Department of Revenue Services laws that apply to farmers (Farmers Guide to Sales and Use Taxes, Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax, Estimated Income Tax, and Withholding Tax)

Check with your town assessor to determine if your farmland is classified as farmland for property tax purposes. Review the PA 490 information provided by the CT Department of Agriculture.