Farmland listing services for sale or for lease are available through Connecticut Farmlink.

*TIP: If renting, secure a written lease since most grant and loan programs require a 5 year (or more) lease for eligibility. Consider adding language that permits you to install conservation practices and buildings.

Additional farmland listings can be found at New England Farmland Finder and New England Landlink.

Land for Good offers extensive tutorials, worksheets, as well as consulting to help farmers navigate the challenges of accessing farmland. For more information please reach out to Will O'Meara at

Contact your Town Planner or local Agricultural Commission to ask about municipal land parcels available for lease. Loans to purchase farmland can be obtained from USDA Farm Service Agency.

Access free legal assistance from Legal Food Hub for issues such as land acquisition/transfer and lease agreements.

Learn how to understand your soils through free maps and data using the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Web Soil Survey.

Soil testing is available through the UConn Soil Lab and the CT Agriculture Experiment Station.

Additional resources on finding farmland and further assistance please view Farmland Needed guide and see page 36.