Not quite 21

Not quite 21, but are thinking about a career with the Connecticut State Police?  Here are a few tips that will better prepare you for career opportunities within our agency.  As you prepare yourself for the future, we recommend the following:

·   Avoid criminal behavior - thefts, fights, drug use, and other illegal
      acts can exclude individuals from acquiring positions of public trust;

·   Drive responsibly – a history of motor vehicle accidents and/or
      violations will compromise a candidate’s eligibility for employment;

·   Avoid drugs and alcohol – the use of these substances is contrary
      to mature and responsible judgment;

·   Pursue higher education – advanced education expands understanding
      and develops critical thinking and problem solving skills;

·   Develop special skills – learn CPR, first aid, life-saving, computer
      programming, or other skills that demonstrate initiative and are applicable
      to public service;

·   Be a dependable employee – demonstrate responsibility by working
      hard and faithfully;

·   Engage in community service – volunteering with church, youth, or
      civic groups will show a commitment to public service; and

·   Keep fit – physical conditioning will improve work performance, enhance
      health, and reduce stress.

Following these eight simple rules can greatly improve your chances of becoming a law enforcement officer.  Remember, in recent years there have been more than 4,000 people applying for less than 100 positions.  The selection process is extremely competitive and even if you don’t want to follow our advice, someone else will.  Be smart and be sure to keep the competitive edge.  Good Luck!