Selection Process



The following elements may be used in the selection process, depending upon how far a candidate advances through the process and whether a conditional offer of employment has been extended to you.  More details about these elements will be made available if you are scheduled for them.  Please note that the entire selection process can take up to nine (9) months to a year to complete, depending upon the size of the applicant pool.
  1. Written Assessment - questions to assess your ability to understand and communicate written instructions;
  2. Physical Fitness Assessment - exercises to measure
    muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility;
  3. Polygraph Examination - inquiries concerning employment history; driving history; medical history; financial history; gambling history; illegal possession, use and sale of drugs/narcotics; criminal activity; military history; illegal sexual activity; use of alcohol; general personal data; prior conduct in police/security/corrections fields; subversive, revolutionary or gang activity; basic honesty and integrity;

  4. Background Investigation - comprehensive review of employment,
    education, training, criminal, motor vehicle and credit histories;

  5. Psychological Evaluation - combination of written tests and interview to assess
    suitability for employment in law enforcement;

  6. Medical Evaluation - comprehensive physical examination, including
    drug screening;

Successful completion of all phases of the selection process means that a candidate is eligible to be considered for final appointment as a Trooper Trainee. Candidates who are not selected for employment, are welcome to reapply and undergo retesting in any subsequent process.

Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer