DEEP Hazardous Waste Manifest Records

Information and Obtaining Copies

Shipments of hazardous waste within, into or from Connecticut require the use of a hazardous waste manifest.  DEEP's hazardous waste requirements have, for many years, required certain copies of such manifests to be submitted to DEEP.  DEEP has retained records of these manifests since 1980.

Important Notes:

  • As of September 29, 2015, generators are no longer required to submit a copy of their completed manifest to DEEP.  There is a DEEP letter that documents this change in procedure.
  • US EPA has created an electronic manifest system (the "e-Manifest") that will eventually replace the need for paper manifests.  Recent manifest data can be obtained directly from this database via the EPA website.  For more information, see the EPA's e-Manifest web page.

Overview of Available Manifest Records.

  • 1984-2008:  Selected information from manifests received during this period were entered into an electronic database.  This data was formerly available through a DEEP FTP site, but is no longer available in this way.  However, the data can be obtained through The State of Connecticut's "Open Data" portal.  Copies of individual manifests may also be ordered from DEEP.  See below for additional information on how to access the Open Data portal and order manifest copies from DEEP for this time period.  
  • 2012-2014:  During this period, manifests were scanned, and indexed by generator name, address, town, generator ID Number, and shipment date.  Scanned copies are available only by visiting DEEP's Environmental Quality Records File Room and viewing/printing copies of individual manifests.  See below for additional information.
  • Other years:  Manifest data prior to 1984, between 2008 and 2012, and after 2014 is currently unavailable.  Efforts are underway to scan these manifests and make them available.  See below for additional information.

Detailed Information About Available Manifest Records.
DEEP has two basic types of manifest records:  (1) paper manifest documents, and (2) electronic manifest records.

1)  Paper Manifest Documents.

  • Beginning in 1980, DEEP retained copies of manifests for hazardous wastes generated in Connecticut or received at Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities located in Connecticut.
  • Typically, DEEP retained only those manifests from generators that were required to obtain a permanent EPA ID Number or a Temporary EPA ID Number.  This includes numbers beginning with "CTD," "CTR," "CTW," and "CTP."  Manifests with ID Numbers such as "CTCESQG," "CTCESQG9999," or "CVS02428900" were used for shipments by Conditionally-Exempt Small Quantity Generators, and were typically not retained by DEEP. 
  • Also, DEEP typically only retained manifests that were used to ship hazardous waste, and did not retain manifests used to ship other wastes, such as Non-RCRA-Hazardous Waste ("Connecticut-Regulated Waste").  However, many manifests used to ship hazardous waste often had other wastes listed on them, such as Connecticut-Regulated Waste.
  • Paper manifests are generally not viewable directly.  Most paper manifests are archived at an off-site location, and must be retrieved by DEEP personnel.  Paper manifests for the years 1980-1983, 2009-2011, and after 2014 are not catalogued in any way for feasible retrieval at this time, even by DEEP personnel.  Efforts are underway to scan these manifests and make them available electronically.  Copies of paper manifests that are catalogued and retrievable may be accessed as described below.

2)  Electronic Manifest Records.

  • Manifest Data Available through The State of Connecticut's "Open Data" On-Line Portal.  This data source includes information keyed in by hand from manifests from 1984-2008, with some additional, sporadic manifests from 2009 and beyond.  Most of the data fields from each manifest were entered into the database.  However, the data source does not include scanned images of the manifests.  If you need an actual copy of the manifest, it must be ordered from DEEP (see below for instructions). The data source replaces the database previously available on the DEEP FTP site.  It is available on-line and is downloadable.  To access the data, go to the following location on the Open Data portal:
  • DEEP FileNet Scanned Images of Manifests.  This database consists of scanned images of manifests which are indexed and searchable by generator name, address, town, generator ID Number, and shipment date.  The database includes manifests from 2012-2014, with some additional, sporadic manifests from before 2012 and after 2014.  Currently the only way for members of the public to access this data is to visit DEEP's Environmental Quality Records File Room in person and view/print copies of individual manifests.  Efforts are underway to make this data available on-line at some time in the future.
  • Manifests Not Entered into Either of the Above Databases.  Most manifests from 1980-1983, 2008-2012, and after 2014 are not in either of the above databases.  In addition, although DEEP has paper copies of these manifests, they are not indexed and cannot be practicably be accessed for copying.  Efforts are underway to scan these manifests and make them available on-line at some time in the future.

How to Obtain Copies of Manifest Forms.

Manifest copies are available only for manifests that are included in either the State of Connecticut Open Data portal (available years 1983-2008), or in the DEEP FileNet database of scanned manifests (available years 2012-2014).

  • Obtaining Copies of Manifests Included in the Open Data Portal data source.  To order copies of these manifests, download and fill out the DEEP's Hazardous Waste Manifest Order Form.  The form is available in the following two formats:

                    MS Word Format                PDF Format

    For each manifest you are requesting, you must provide the manifest number, manifest date, and the batch number as listed in the Open Portal database.  Submit the completed forms to DEEP via email.
  • Obtaining Copies of Manifests in the DEEP FileNet database of scanned manifests.  To obtain copies of these manifests, visit the DEEP's Environmental Quality Records File Room and use one of the public computer terminals there to find and print the manifest copies that you want.  Instructions are provided in the DEEP File Room on how to access the database and search for manifests.  DEEP File Room staff can provide assistance with printing copies.

Manifest Data Summary Table

The following table summarizes information about DEEP's hazardous waste manifest data records and how to obtain this information.

Manifest Years (by shipment date)

How to Get Scanned Images Database Source Where Is the Database Available? Information Stored in this Database
2012-2014 Print at DEEP File Room FileNet

DEEP File Room only

(Future Plan is to make this information available on-line)

  • Basic Data from Manifest (company, address, town, generator ID Number, date).
  • Scanned Image (provides full shipment details).

Order from DEEP via email using DEEP Order Form.


Get order form info from Open Data portal.

Open Data Portal

On-Line and at DEEP

  • Also downloadable for off-line use.
  • Note: it is easier to use on your own computer. Printing and copying data from Open Data is cumbersome at the DEEP File Room.
  • Virtually all data elements from manifests.
  • NO scanned image.
  • Same data set as previous "FOIA Manifest" - exported to Open Data portal.

The "FOIA Manifest" database was once available through a DEEP FTP site, but not any longer.

Unavailable Manifests





2015 to present, plus others unknown

Not Available None

Due to staff resource limitations, these manifests are stored in boxes in their original paper format. These manifests are not catalogued in any way for feasible retrieval. Scanning of all manifests has begun and is due to be completed by late 2019/early 2020.


  • The 1980-1983, 2009-2011, and 2015 to present manifests are stored in boxes by year. There are multiple boxes per year. Each box contains approximately 2,500 manifests in no order. There is no information available in advance for these manifests.
  • The "others unknown" manifests consist of approximately 12 boxes of manifests which were recently discovered in DEEP's storage facility.  There is currently no good information about the manifests in these boxes.  It is believed that these manifests are from various years between 1981 and 1991, but this has not been verified.
Future Availability of Manifest Data

US EPA has created an electronic manifest system (the "e-Manifest") that eventually replace the need for paper manifests.  The system will also allow users to access manifest data associated with e-Manifests.  Recent manifest data can be obtained directly from this database via a special EPA website.  For more information, see the EPA's e-Manifest web page.

In addition, DEEP is in the process of scanning manifest copies that have not already been scanned.  This will include manifests from 1980 - 1983, 2009 - 2011, and 2015 to present.  Scanning is due to be completed by late 2019/early 2020.

DEEP is also making plans to provide for all scanned manifests to be available on-line in the future.  This will include both the manifests that have already been scanned, and those that are in the process of being scanned.

Contact for Further Information

If you have questions about the information provided on this page, you may contact Kevin Sullivan by phone at (860) 424-3275, or email him at

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