Hunting and Trapping Applications and Forms

Hunting and fishing licenses, stamps, and permits can be purchased 24/7 on the DEEP’s Online Outdoor Licensing System. These items can also be purchased at outdoor equipment retailers and some town halls (please check with your local town hall to find out about availability or any restrictions).

Hunting and fishing licenses purchased through CT's Online Outdoor Licensing System are signed electronically at the time of purchase, allowing you to keep a digitally signed copy on your smartphone instead of needing to have a signed, printed copy! Licenses purchased through a license agent location must still be printed and signed to be valid. 

Other Wildlife and Hunting Related Publications and Forms: Deer and Turkey Program Summaries, Habitat and Wildlife Fact Sheets, Habitat Management publications, and more.

Private Land Consent Form (PDF  Word form)  Consent form needed when hunting deer or turkeys on private land.

  • All hunters are required to have landowner permission when hunting on private land.
  • Private land deer and turkey hunters must carry this private land consent form, signed and dated for the current season. This is required for both archery and firearms hunters.
  • You may have a landowner sign a dated consent form before you purchase your license and permits, but you must purchase all required licenses and permits before you hunt.
  • Landowners who allow, without fee, the recreational use of their property are protected from liability by Connecticut law (C.G.S. 52-557g).
  • Properties must be at least 10 acres in size for rifle or revolver use to be authorized.
  • Landowners must designate calendar year, seasons, and choice of hunting implements.
  • Where baiting of deer is permitted, it is strongly recommended that individuals consult with landowners prior to placing bait.
  • Photocopies of this form may be used, but to be valid, must have original signatures and dates.

Trappers - must obtain, and have in possession, the written permission of the landowner when trapping on their land. WRITTEN PERMISSION MUST BE RENEWED ANNUALLY. Trappers have the option to use an official DEEP form to obtain written permission.   

2024 Deer/Turkey Harvest Tags -- Harvest tags and instructions for tagging and reporting deer and turkeys.

Application for Deer Crop Damage Permits (Word Form / PDF): For commercial agriculturalists to obtain crop damage permits for reducing damage caused by deer when the firearms deer hunting seasons are closed.

Crop Damage Harvest Tags Harvest Tags and instructions for tagging and reporting deer harvested with crop damage permits.

Permit Application for State Land Trapping (Word Form / PDF): Application for trappers to obtain a trapping permit on selected state-owned land.

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Content last updated in January 2024.