Wildlife Publications and Forms

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2024 Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide (ebook version and downloadable PDF)

Connecticut Wildlife Magazine: The official publication of the DEEP Bureau of Natural Resources.

Wildlife Highlights: A free, electronic newsletter for anyone interested in Connecticut's wildlife and the outdoors. View the latest issue: June 2024

Hunter Highlights: A free, quarterly electronic newsletter for those interested in hunting, trapping, and the outdoors in Connecticut. View the latest issue: Spring/March 2024

Fact Sheets

Wildlife: Natural history facts about some of Connecticut's wildlife species.

Endangered and Threatened Species: Natural history facts about some of Connecticut's endangered, threatened, and special concern species.

Habitat: Illustrated fact sheets on how to manage wildlife habitat.

Miscellaneous Publications

Problem Wildlife (Illustrated Fact sheets on how to manage problems caused by wildlife.)

Wildlife and Wildlife Management Publications

Backyard Habitat Publications

Habitat Management Publications

Hunting and Trapping Publications

Forms and Applications




Problem Wildlife Publications

Dealing with Nuisance Canada Geese

Nuisance Wildlife Control Program, Rabies, and Client Notification Brochure 

Dealing with Woodpecker Problems

Do Not Feed Waterfowl


Wildlife and Wildlife Management Publications

2024 The State of the Bears

2023 The State of the Bears

Teaching About Bats - A resource for educators and parents to teach children about bats.

Explore Connecticut's Wildlife at Sessions Woods - Workbook containing fact sheets, activities, and coloring pages to be used by school groups visiting Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area in Burlington, CT. Includes a 4-page color insert of wildlife found at Sessions Woods. (44 pages)

CT's 2015 Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern Species List - Booklet listing CT's Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern Species. (20 pages)

Common Shorebirds of Connecticut - An identification guide of shorebirds commonly observed in Connecticut.

Freshwater Mussels of Connecticut - Booklet describing the freshwater mussels of Connecticut. (35 pages)

Snakes in Connecticut, A Guide to Snake Identification (Web View Version   Duplex Color Printer Version) - Snake identification guide to help educate people about snakes, thereby minimizing unwarranted concern when a snake is encountered. (20 pages)

The Birds of Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area - A checklist of birds that are found at the Wildlife Division's Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area in Burlington.

The Birds of Belding WMA - A checklist of birds that are found at the Wildlife Division's Belding Wildlife Management Area in Vernon.

Beavers in Connecticut - Booklet describing the natural history and management of beavers in Connecticut. (24 pages)

An Evaluation of Deer Management Options - Developed by the New England Chapter of The Wildlife Society and the Northeast Deer Technical Committee. The objective of this booklet is to explain the rationale behind deer management decisions and to discuss the utility of various management options. (28 pages)

Managing Urban Deer in Connecticut - This booklet describes options for managing deer populations in urban and suburban environments. (40 pages)

History and Status of Moose in Connecticut , 2002 - This booklet summarizes the history and status of moose in Connecticut.

Connecticut State Wildlife Grants - Taking Conservation into the Future - Overview of fish and wildlife projects in Connecticut that are being funded by the State Wildlife Grants Program. (12 pages)


Backyard Habitat Publications

Enhancing Your Backyard Habitat for Wildlife - A guide to creating habitat in backyards, using native plants, to attract wildlife. (28 pages)

Connecticut Native Tree, Shrub, and Perennial Availability List - A list of Connecticut businesses that grow and/or sell native trees, shrubs, and perennial plants. Compiled by the CT DEEP Wildlife Division and UCONN Extension Service from a survey of wholesale and retail businesses.


Habitat Management Publications

Controlling Invasive Phragmites in Connecticut's Wetlands - Information on how to control Phragmites australis in freshwater and saltwater marshes.

Managing Grasslands, Shrublands, and Young Forest Habitats for Wildlife: A Guide for the Northeast (Link to page that downloads individual chapters) - Written by state and federal wildlife biologists and foresters, this guide provides important information on how to maintain and restore early successional habitats.

Benefits of Clearcuts Brochure - Brochure explaining how conducting clearcuts can benefit species dependent on shrubland habitats.

Grassland Habitat Conservation Initiative - Overview of information provided during the October 2006 announcement of Connecticut's Grassland Habitat Conservation Initiative. (11 pages)


Hunting and Trapping Publications

Annual Deer Program Summary Report: Summarizes white-tailed deer information for individual years, including changes in deer management regulations, harvest statistics, research activities, and population dynamics of Connecticut’s deer population.

Current Report: 2022 Connecticut Deer Program Summary

Past Reports:  2021  |  2020  |  2019  |  2018  |  2017  |  2016  |  2015  |  2014  |  2013  |  2012  |  2011  |  2010  |  2009  |  2008  |  2007  |  2006  |  2005

Annual Wild Turkey Program Report: Summarizes wild turkey information, including harvest statistics for the spring and fall hunting seasons for individual years.

Current Report: 2023 Wild Turkey Program Report

Past Reports:  2022  |  2021  |  2020  |  2019  |  2018  |  2017  |  2016 |  2011/2015 Five-Year Report  |  2010/2011  |  2009/2010  |  2008/2009  |  2007/2008  |  2006/2007  |  2005/2006


Hunting Related Forms

Falconry Application Materials: Link to instructions and forms for obtaining a falconry permit.

Private Land Consent Form (PDF Word form) - Consent form needed to hunt deer or turkey on private lands.

Private Land Consent Form for Trappers - Consent form needed to trap furbearers on private lands.


Miscellaneous Forms and Applications

Application for Possession of African Wildlife (Public Act No. 21-52 Regarding the Big Six African Species)

Application for trappers to obtain a trapping permit on selected state-owned property - Word Form / PDF

Application for commercial agriculturalists to obtain crop damage permits for reducing damage caused by deer when the firearms deer hunting seasons are closed - Word Form / PDF / Crop Damage Harvest Tags

Public Bat Sightings Form - Word Form / PDF

Canada Goose Agricultural Depredation Permit Application

Agricultural Depredation Signatory Form

Gamebreeders' License Application - PDF / Word Form

Gamebreeders' License Renewal - PDF / Word Form

Regulated Hunting Dog Training Area Permit Application - PDF / Word Form

Regulated Hunting Dog Training Area Permit Renewal Application - PDF / Word Form

Regulated Hunting Dog Training Area Report

Application for Non-Shooting Field Trial Permit -  PDF / Word Form

Non-Shooting Field Trial Report - PDF / Word Form

Application for Shooting Field Trial Permit - PDF / Word Form

Shooting Field Trial Report - PDF / Word Form

Application for Private Shooting Preserve Permit -  PDF / Word Form

Private Shooting Preserve Permit Renewal Application - PDF / Word Form

Private Shooting Preserve Report - PDF / Word Form

Game Bird Harvest Tags - Tags to be used when taking propagated game birds on regulated private shooting preserves and during regulated dog training and field trial events.

Importation Permit - Application for Permit to Import Live Wild Birds/Eggs and Live Wild Quadrupeds

Application for Fur Buyer's License

Application for License to Practice Taxidermy

Application for Hunting License for the Owner of a Pack of Dogs - PDF / Word Form

Applications for Scientific Collection Permits - Required for all activities that involve the capture, marking, salvage, release, or disturbance of protected wildlife and fish species, as well as the scientific collection of plant species.

Freshwater Mussel Field Survey Data Form - Form for submitting mussel distribution information to the DEEP. 

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