Where to Go Fishing


Trout Parks - Areas that are frequently stocked and located in easily accessible areas to enhance trout fishing opportunities for young anglers and novice anglers as well as for those with mobility challenges.

Fishing Areas (lakes, ponds and major rivers) near Connecticut cities

Lakes and Ponds Available for Public Fishing - See Lakes and Ponds section in the Fishing Guide or visit our Lake and Pond interactive map.

Rivers and Streams Available for Public Fishing - See Rivers and Streams section in the Fishing Guide or visit our Interactive Trout Stocking Map

Areas with access for persons with disabilities

CT is Fishy App - great info with maps on places to fish from shore, boat, as a family, or by species (catfish, bass, trout, walleye, etc.)


Shore Fishing in Coastal State Parks (includes areas with access for persons with disabilities)  or visit our Saltwater Fishing Map

For information on boat launches, see the Connecticut Boater's Guide and the Connecticut Coastal Access Guide.

Shoreline Fishing and Property Rights
Connecticut's intertidal shore belongs to the people. Under the common law public trust doctrine, the public may freely use land and waters waterward of the mean high water line to fish. The "public trust" area includes beaches, rocky shores and open waters along tidal and navigable waters.  Fishing in the "public trust" area is not trespassing; the DEEP encourages anglers to enjoy their rights to use the public trust lands for fishing. However, anglers should also respect the rights of adjacent landowners by not crossing private property without permission and by leaving the shoreline clean and litter free. For more information, call the Office of Long Island Sound Programs at 860-424-3034.


Content last updated May 2024