Fishing Challenge

NEW - species added to the scorecard for 2023 and beyond! Based on participant request, the list of species has increased. We have added the following freshwater species: American Shad, Calico Bass, Rock Bass, Bowfin, Tiger Trout, White Sucker, White Perch, and Fallfish. New saltwater species include: Black Sea Bass, Striped Sea Robin, and Smooth Dogfish. See links to learn about each species below.


Local News Coverage of the 2022 Fishing Challenge winner:  FOX 61 and also on NBC 30  

This activity invites you to try and catch at least one of every type of fish listed on the Fishing Challenge ScorecardSubmit your catch using the online angler recognition portal (select fishing challenge as the recognition type)

The Fishing Challenge is a fun filled year-long activity where budding anglers are "challenged" to catch as many of the fish listed on the Fishing Challenge Scorecard. Catching a large fish may qualify you for a Trophy Fish Award

To enter your catch:

  • Take a photo showing the fish and YOUth angler. (The fish should be next to a ruler to show its length if you think it may qualify for a Trophy Fish Award).
  • Submit your catch using the online angler recognition portal (select fishing challenge as the recognition type).

The Fisheries Division will keep a record of each angler's catches. The top four anglers (with the most number of fish from the scorecard) will be will a prize pack filled with great fishing gifts.

To learn more about how to catch any of the fish/crab listed on the scorecard visit the corresponding link below. Additional Connecticut specific details about many of these fish can be found in the online version of Freshwater Fishes of Connecticut.

Shad (American Shad or Hickory Shad) (New for 2023)

Atlantic Salmon

Blackfish (Tautog)

Black Crappie/Calico Bass (New for 2023)

Black Sea Bass (New for 2023)



Blue crab

Bowfin (New for 2023)

Brook Trout

Brown Bullhead

Brown Trout

Common Carp

Chain Pickerel

Channel Catfish

Fallfish (New for 2023)



Largemouth Bass

Northern Pike

Rainbow Trout

Rock Bass (New for 2023)


Scup (Porgy)

Smallmouth Bass

Smooth Dogfish (New for 2023)

Striped Bass

Striped Sea Robin (New for 2023)

Tiger Trout (New for 2023)


White Perch (New for 2023)

White Sucker (New for 2023)

Yellow Perch


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Please contact the Fisheries Division with any questions. 

Phone: 860-424-FISH (3474)

Content last updated August 2023