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Federal Tax Credits for Used All-Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles and Fuel Cell Vehicles

Pre-owned all-electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell electric cars purchased on or after January 1, 2023, may be eligible for a federal income tax credit. The credit equals 30% percent of the sale price up to a maximum credit of $4,000.

The credit is nonrefundable, so you can't get back more on the credit than you owe in taxes. Also, you can't apply any excess credit to future tax years.

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Eligible Used Vehicles

Rebate+ Used qualifying individuals1 are eligible to receive a rebate for the purchase or lease of a used eligible vehicle from a Connecticut franchised used automobile dealer or original equipment manufacturer (i.e. Tesla). For more information, visit the Rebate+ page. In addition, some eligible vehicles may qualify the purchaser for a federal income tax credit.

Note: Rebate+ Used is both a point-of-sale (receive at dealership) and a post-purchase rebate.


Eligible Used Vehicles List

To determine if a vehicle is eligible for a CHEAPR rebate, please refer to the official CHEAPR used eligible vehicle list document. Information displayed in the vehicle cards below is for informational purposes only and may not reflect the most up-to date listing on used eligible vehicle list.

If you believe a vehicle should be included on this list, please Contact Us and let us know.


Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

A BEV is a vehicle that obtains all its power from energy stored in rechargeable battery packs. BEVs use electric motors and do not use an internal combustion engine.

MSRP Cap: $50,000 (When Vehicle Was New)
Rebate+ Used Incentive: $3,000



 Q4 40 e-tron

Premium (2023-2024) 



i3, i3s (2021)


Bolt EUV

LT (2022-2023)

Premier (2022-2023)

Bolt EV

1LT (2022-2023)

2LT (2022-2023)

LT (2021)

Premier (2021)



Sport (2023)


F-150 Lightning

Pro (2022-2023)

Mustang Mach-E

CA Route 1 AWD (2023)

Premium AWD (2023)

Premium RWD (2021-2023)

Select AWD (2021-2023)

Select RWD (2021-2023)


Ioniq 5

SE (2022-2023)

SE Dual Motor AWD (2024)

SE RWD (2024)

SE RWD Standard Range (2022-2024)

SE Standard Range (2023)

SEL (2023)

SEL RWD (2022-2024)

Ioniq 6

SE (2023)

SE Dual Motor AWD (2024)

SE RW(2024)

SE Standard Range (2023-2024)

SEL (2023)

SEL Dual Motor AWD (2024)

SEL RWD (2024)

Ioniq Electric

Limited (2021)

SE (2021)

Kona Electric

Limited (2021-2024)

SE (2023-2024)

SEL (2021-2024)

Ultimate (2021)



Light L/R AWD (2024)

Light L/R RWD (2024)

Light RWD (2022, 2024)

Wind RWD (2022-2024)

Niro EV

EX (2021-2022)

EX Premium (2021-2022)

Wave (2023-2024)

Wind (2023-2024)



Premium Plus Package (2023-2024)

Standard Trim (2023-2024)


Cooper SE Hardtop 2 Door Electric

Classic (2024)

Iconic (2022, 2024)

Signature (2022-2024)

Signature Plus (2022)

Standard (2021, 2023)



Engage e-4orce (2023)

Engage FWD (2023)

Venture+ FWD (2023)


S (2021-2024)

S Plus (2021-2022)

SL Plus (2021-2022)

SV (2021-2022)

SV Plus (2021-2024)


Polestar 2

Long Range Single Motor FWD (2022-2023)



Limited (2023-2024)

Premium (2023-2024)


Model 3

AWD Long Range (2023-2024)

RWD Standard Range (2023-2024)

RWD Standard Range Plus (2021-2022)

Model Y

AWD Long Range (2023-2024)

AWD Standard Range (2023)

RWD Standard Range (2021, 2024)



Limited (2023-2024)

Limited AWD (2023-2024)

XLE (2023-2024)

XLE AWD (2023-2024)



1st Edition (2021)

AWD Pro (2021-2024)

AWD Pro S (2021-2022)

Pro (2021-2024)

Pro S (2021-2024)

S (2023-2024)

Standard (2023-2024)



Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

A PHEV is a vehicle that can be driven solely on electricity, powered by its internal rechargeable battery but also includes an internal combustion engine or electric generator powered by gasoline to extend the range of the vehicle.
MSRP Cap: $50,000 (When Vehicle Was New)
Rebate+ Used Incentive: $1,125

Alfa Romeo


Sprint AWD (2024)

Ti AWD (2024)

Veloce AWD (2024)



REx (2021)



330e xDrive



Pacifica PHEV

Touring (2021)

Touring L (2021)



R/T AWD (2024)

R/T+ AWD (2024)


Escape Plug-In Hybrid

Escape Plug-In Hybrid (2023)

SE (2021-2022)

SEL (2021-2022))

Titanium (2021-2022)


Clarity PHEV



Ioniq PHEV

SE (2021-2022)

SEL (2022)

Santa Fe PHEV

Limited (2022-2023)

SEL Convenience (2022-2023)

Tucson PHEV

Limited (2022-2024)

SEL (2021-2024)


Niro Plug-In Hybrid

EX (2021, 2022, 2024)

EX Premium (2021-2022)

LXS (2021-2022)

SX Touring (2024)


SX (2022)

SX Prestige (2022-2024)


X-Line (2023-2024)

X-Line Prestige (2023-2024)


Cooper SE Countryman ALL 4 PHEV



Outlander PHEV

40th Anniversary (2023)

ES (2023)

GT (2021-2022)

LE (2021-2022)

SE (2023)

SE w/Tech Package (2023)

SEL (2021-2023)

SEL Premium (2023)

SEL Touring (2023)


Crosstrek PHEV



Prius Prime

LE (2021-2022)

Limited (2021-2022)

Premium (2023)

SE (2023-2024)

XLE (2021-2022)

XSE (2023-2024)

XSE Premium (2024)

RAV4 Prime

SE (2021-2024)

XSE (2021-2022)



Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs)

A FCEV is a vehicle that is fueled with hydrogen but emits no pollutants, only water and heat. A fuel cell located in the car converts hydrogen to electricity which powers the electric motor to drive the vehicle.
MSRP Cap: $50,000 (When Vehicle Was New)
Rebate+ Used Incentive: $7,500


There are currently no CHEAPR Eligible FCEVs



Data on this page is compiled from and manufacturers' data and is for general informational purposes only. Data for vehicles labeled "coming soon" are estimates based on early reports and are not to be viewed as official. All prices, technical data points and features and figures may vary based on model year and trim level. Please visit the specific manufacturer websites or ask your dealer for the latest information about each vehicle.

1 Rebate+ qualifying individuals must meet one of these criteria:

The CHEAPR program is able to process rebate applications from individual consumers who purchase or lease an eligible vehicle directly from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that does not have licensed franchised new automobile dealers in Connecticut (e.g., Tesla). However, when such vehicles are authorized for sale or lease within Connecticut, applicants will be required to purchase or lease such vehicles from retail locations located within the state in order to be eligible for the CHEAPR program.


Content last updated May 2, 2024