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CHEAPR Dealer Enrollment

Dealers new to the CHEAPR program must first complete the CHEAPR Dealer Enrollment form to receive their unique Dealer ID. After completing the Dealer Enrollment form, the dealer may then create an account on the CHEAPR Dealer Application portal.

Note: Dealers currently enrolled do not have to re-enroll to continue participating in the CHEAPR program and go directly to the CHEAPR Dealer Application portal.


CHEAPR has EVolved!

Effective March 29, 2023, the CHEAPR program is evolving to a point-of-sale (POS) rebate for CHEAPR Standard, Rebate+ New, and Rebate+ Used! You will now be able to receive your CHEAPR rebate at the dealer.

Note: Rebate+ Used will be both a point-of-sale (receive at dealership) and a post-purchase rebate going forward.



The Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR) offers incentives to Connecticut residents who purchase or lease an eligible vehicle from a licensed Connecticut automobile dealership. Incentive amounts currently range from $4,250 for an eligible new battery electric (BEV), $2,250 for a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), and up to $9,500 for a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) when a Standard Rebate is combined with Rebate+ New for Rebate+ qualified individuals1.

There are currently over 30 eligible vehicles available, and the list continues to grow as manufacturers release new models. By participating in this incentive program, you will not only receive an incentive on an electric vehicle, you will be helping Connecticut meet its clean air and energy goals!


There are 3 ways CHEAPR can help you save when buying an EV:

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CHEAPR Standard Rebate

Purchase or lease a new eligible vehicle from a Connecticut franchised new automobile dealer or original equipment manufacturer (i.e. Tesla), complete a CHEAPR application with your dealer, complete a short survey and the rebate amount will be credited to your final purchase or lease.

For information on purchasing an eligible Tesla, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Rebate+ New

Rebate+ New qualifying individuals1 are eligible to receive a Standard and an additional rebate (Rebate+ New) at the time of purchase. Before you purchase or lease a new eligible vehicle, you must apply for a prequalification voucher on the CHEAPR Application portal and present the voucher information to the dealer.

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Rebate+ Used

Rebate+ Used qualifying individuals1 are eligible to receive a rebate for the purchase or lease of a used eligible vehicle. Before or after you purchase or lease a used eligible vehicle, complete an application with a CHEAPR participating dealer or apply for a prequalification voucher on the CHEAPR Application portal.



1Rebate+ qualifying individuals must meet one of these criteria:


For detailed information about the CHEAPR program please visit the CHEAPR Resources or Frequently Asked Questions pages for program related materials. If you have any questions please Contact Us.


Content last updated May 2, 2024