Commission on the Standardization of the Collection of Evidence in Sexual Assault Investigations

Minutes of the Meeting of March 19, 2018
Office of the Chief State's Attorney
Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Attendance: Maureen Platt, Chair, Brian Narkewicz, Scott Casper, M.D., Kristin Sasinouski, Darlene Dullard, Joy Reho, Candida Fusco, Denise Covington, Linda Cimino, Laura Varelas and on conference call: Monica Ponzella, John Leventhal, M.D., Karen Jubanyik, M.D.

The meeting was called to order at 3:03 p.m.

The minutes from the December 11, 2017, meeting were read and approved Narkewicz/Casper.

Linda Cimino gave the Bill Paying Subcommittee report. She reported to as of March 15, 2018,  we have expended approximately 65% of the allocated funds.

Denise Covington gave the Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) report. She reported that a new SAFE class of six members will begin on March 27, 2018. She also reported that SAFES have responded to 33 calls since January 1, 2018.

The group discussed the need for a training to be held in the near future to educate medical professional and others about the Technical Guidelines. It was agreed that this training should be held in early June. Maureen Platt agreed to contact Marielle Daniels to see if she could assist in finding a location and supplying names of possible attendees.

John Leventhal reported on the newly created subcommittee involving the issue of whether minors can consent to a forensic examination to collect evidence of a sexual assault without the consent and/or knowledge of a parent. The subcommittee has not yet met. It was agreed that Dr. Leventhal should set up a meeting as soon as possible to discuss this issue.

Laura Varelas from the CT Alliance to End Sexual Violence reported on Senate Bill 17 which seeks to expand the rights of victims to gain access to the results of the testing of CT-100 kits, mandates kit tracking and requires that Victim Advocates be summoned when victims arrive for treatment in a hospital setting. This bill has been successfully reported out of the Public Safety Committee.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:22 p.m. Narkewicz/Reho.

The Commission meeting will next met on June 18, 2018.