Chief State's Attorney's Meeting

Minutes of Meeting of May 26, 2009

In attendance: Jonathan Benedict, David Cohen, John Connelly, Michael Dearington, Patricia Froehlich, Michael Gailor, Matthew Gedansky, Gail Hardy, Kevin Kane, Kevin Lawlor, Timothy Liston, Scott Murphy, Paul Murray, Michael Reagan, Judith Rossi, Coleen Zingharo (for Stephen Sedensky) and David Shepack.

The meeting commenced at 12:36 P.M. The minutes from the April 27, 2009, meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved.

  1. Discussion of budget and early retirements. Nothing is certain on budget. About 30 early retirements so far, at least some of which are crucial and may require filling.
  2. Training will be in June (18th and 19th) at the New Britain Courthouse. Parking will be available in Jury Parking Garage.
  3. Next meeting will be at the Office of the Chief State's Attorney on June 22nd.
  4. Chief State's Attorney Kane explained D.N.A./Innocence Project Grant Application. Jim Clark is involved in this project. Extensive discussion of the mechanics took place, but there was general agreement on the positive nature of the project.
  5. Chief State's Attorney Kane explained concerns of the US Attorney's Office with respect to convictions in drug cases that they have not been able to use for enhancement of subsequent convictions. Some of this can be eliminated by specifying the dug involved in the charging document. Mike Gailor supplemented this by adding that we may also need to use language in the information that it is not merely an "offer" for sale. Need to charge sale or possession with intent to sell.
  6. Question was raised on coordination with Judicial on furlough days. Chief State's Attorney Kane indicated that future furlough days will be better coordinated with Judicial as ample planning time now exists.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 P.M.