Chief State's Attorney's Meeting

Minutes - December 22, 2008

In attendance: Kevin Kane, Paul Murray, John Russotto, Jonathan Benedict, David Cohen, John Connelly, Michael Dearington, Patricia Froehlich, Gail Hardy, Kevin Lawlor, Timothy Liston, Scott Murphy, Stephen Sedensky and David Shepack.

Also in attendance: Judith Rossi and Michael Gailor.

The meeting started at approximately 12:30 p.m.  The minutes from the November 24, 2008, meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved with one noted change.  The minutes are to be amended to include State’s Attorney Patricia Froehlich as being in attendance at the November 24, 2008, meeting.

Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane provided an overview of the State’s current fiscal crisis and its impact on the Division.  He noted that the Division’s expert witness line item in the budget was being depleted quite rapidly due to expert witness expenses in connection with the racial disparity/death penalty litigation.

In connection with welfare fraud prosecution, Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Paul Murray reported that the Department of Social Services (D.S.S.) has requested that they be advised when a criminal case has concluded.  By receiving proper notice, D.S.S. will be able to take administrative action as required.

Mr. Kane distributed the Division’s 2009 Legislative Agenda and asked the State’s Attorneys to review the proposals and respond to him with any comments.  There was some discussion regarding the Attorney General’s recent opinion letter concerning mixed martial arts competitions.

Executive Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Gailor reported that the CODIS databank was approaching 1,000 DNA hits and that the Division was gathering information to make a presentation to the Legislature.

State’s Attorney Timothy Liston announced that the NDAA is attempting to hire a lobbyist and is soliciting contributions from its members to help with the costs.

Ms. Froehlich announced that the University of Connecticut School of Law is looking for volunteers to participate in mock interviews on January 29, 2009, beginning at 4:30 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.