Chief State's Attorney's Meeting - 11/24/08

(Amended - December 22, 2008)

In attendance:

Jonathan Benedict, James Bernardi (for David Cohen), Eva Lenczewski (for John Connelly), Michael Dearington, Patricia Froehlich, Michael Gailor, Matthew Gedansky, Gail Hardy, Kevin Kane, Kevin Lawlor, Maureen Platt (for Timothy Liston), Paul Murray, Scott Murphy, Michael Regan, Judith Rossi, John Russotto, Stephen Sedensky and David Shepack.

The meeting commenced at 12:35 P.M. The minutes from the October 27, 2008, meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved.

  1. Chief State's Attorney Kane and Deputy Chief State's Attorney Russotto briefed on the budget crisis, including significant hold backs and rescissions. We had asked for release of hold backs but have been turned down. The Division is projecting an overall deficit of approximately $300,000 for the current fiscal year. Domestic Violence grant position funds will be running out during the balance of the fiscal year and need to figure out how to pick up that funding. Our expert witness account is also predicted to be in deficit. Per diem usage also will need to be closely examined. Extensive discussion ensued with no clear answers at this time.
  2. Deborah Messina, Director of the Forensic Laboratory, spoke on issues related to the lab.
  3. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (N.H.T.S.A.) will be working with the Division of Criminal Justice to provide D.U.I. training in the spring of 2008. Susan Naide will be coordinating this training.
  4. Discussion of the need to get a commitment from candidates being submitted to the Criminal Justice Commission that they will accept the position if offered.
  5. Draft of most recent proposal for a revised Rule 40-11 was discussed. Report was given on discussions held last week to discuss with the bench and the defense bar. We are awaiting feedback from the Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Some discussion of the nature of the proposed changes.
  6. Chief State's Attorney Kane reminded all of the need to keep adequate records of file review and charging decisions on all persistent offender eligible defendants.
  7. State Victim Advocate will be in the training center for a round table on the afternoon of December 2nd. Attendance is encouraged.
  8. Brief discussion of sentencing transcript orders. Deputy Chief State's Attorney Murray to meet with Judicial in early December.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 P.M.