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CJIS-CT Partner Applications

CJIS-CT community's source systems are shown below.  CJIS-CT does not own these applications.  Please refer to the specific agency for details on these source applications.

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  • Connecticut On-Line Law Enforcement Communications Teleprocessing - COLLECT

    The Connecticut On-Line Law Enforcement Communications Teleprocessing (COLLECT) System is utilized throughout Connecticut to access valuable online State and Federal law enforcement resources.

  • Criminal Motor Vehicle System - CRMVS

    The Criminal Motor Vehicle System (CRMVS) is a statewide Judicial Branch Criminal and Motor Vehicle Court Case Management application and serves as an integrated data source system for multiple agency systems.

  • Judicial Electronic Bridge - JEB

    The Judicial Branch has created a computer application to provide access to Adult/Youthful Offender Probation and Juvenile Information to the Board of Pardons and Paroles (BOPP) and the Department of Correction (DOC).

  • Municipal Access - Judicial Electronic Bridge - MA-JAB

    The purpose of Municipal Access to the Judicial Electronic Bridge (MA-JEB) is to promote public safety and welfare by providing access to selected offender information to authorized law enforcement personnel.

  • Paperless Arrest Warrant Network - PRAWN

    The Judicial Branch's Paperless Arrest Warrant Network (PRAWN) was implemented in 2002 after Public Act 00-209 authorized the entry of warrants for Failure to Appear in a central computer system.

  • Protection Order Registry - POR

    The Judicial Branch's Protection Order Registry (POR) is an integrated database and notification system for orders of individual protection issued or registered with state authorities.

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