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Municipal Access - Judicial Electronic Bridge - MA-JEB


The Judicial Branch has created a computer application to provide access to Adult Probation Information to Law Enforcement personnel. This includes local, state and federal agencies, as well as, State's Attorneys' offices throughout the state. The purpose of Municipal Access to the Judicial Electronic Bridge (MA-JEB) is to promote public safety and welfare by providing access to selected offender information to authorized law enforcement personnel.

MA-JEB provides client profile information including address, open cases and sentenced closed cases, as well as, a photo(s). Each case displays the Probation Officer's name, office location, phone number, dockets and charges, conditions of probation, and probation start and end dates. Based on statutory restrictions, certain information and certain offenders are excluded from this web site at this time (i.e.: juvenile probation, youthful offender information and closed diversionary programs). MA-JEB was introduced in June 2008 and the response has been very positive.