Quality of Life

Top marks in housing, education and health — and a commitment to play as hard as we work.

The quality of life that is second to none.

One of the best things about living in Connecticut may be the choices you have. Whether you live in one of our dynamic-but-accessible cities or make your home in a quaint, 200+ year old town, you truly do enjoy the best of all worlds. Rich in history yet connected to the future, Connecticut offers a quality of life that inspires people to build their business, families and lives here.

Great place to raise a family.

Connecticut ranks among the nation’s best places to raise a family—thanks to its combination of exceptional public schools, one of the nation’s lowest crime rates, lower costs of child care, quality healthcare and housing affordability.
Cost of Living

More value for your money.

Better still, your employees will find this exceptional quality of life simply costs less in Connecticut compared to other northeast cities. Whether they prefer an urban or suburban lifestyle, your employees will get more house/ apartment for their money—and pay less for their daily expenses.

Top educational system.

Connecticut has a legacy of excellent public schools and offers a wide array of top public and private school choices. Last year’s NEA Teacher of the Year was from Connecticut— just one example of the many dedicated educators who are so characteristic of our exceptional school systems.

One of the healthiest states in the U.S.

Given that we have one of the country’s highest rates of both doctors and dentists per capita, it’s no surprise that Connecticut residents are in good health. Connecticut also has one of the lowest obesity rates in America. To employers, those statistics translate to fewer sick days impacting productivity. To employees, it all means a great quality of life.

So much to do, and all so close.

When it comes to play, Connecticut residents never need to travel far to experience a dynamic blend of historic and contemporary attractions, natural and cultural activities and relaxing and active pursuits.

Best of all, due to the size of the state, Connecticut’s diverse attractions are all in close proximity to each other, making a fulfilling and diverse lifestyle easy to enjoy.


Cultural Values

Connecticut welcomes and celebrates the cultures of many different communities.

Getting Around

Transportation options include air, rail and bus transit systems plus easy highway access.

Key Facts & Figures

Statistics and research that support our appeal as a great state to live, work and play.