A great place to live, work and play — embodying the revolutionary spirit it takes to innovate and succeed.

Unmatched in location and unparalleled in opportunity.

Just as it has been for centuries, Connecticut remains a haven for original ideas and fresh thinking. We are home to Fortune 500 companies and pioneering start-ups, established leaders and emerging innovators, natural resources and cultural treasures, nationally ranked schools and an exceptionally productive workforce. We invite you to be part of this dynamic blend of dreamers and doers who are inspired to lead their industries  and enjoy their lives.

Areal of Stamford

Strategic Location

Connecticut is at the very epicenter of the northeastern U.S. economy. With easy access to Boston and New York, it costs less to reach one-third of the entire U.S. economy and two thirds of the Canadian market from here. 

30% of the U.S. population,
total jobs and businesses are
within 500 miles of CT.

Two people hiking over a river at Kent Falls

Quality of Life

Connecticut ranks among the nation's top states for quality of life. Great public schools, scenic suburbs, a low crime rate, vibrant yet manageable cities, access to exceptional healthcare, and a diverse array of recreational options are just a few of the reasons why so many enjoy living here.

2,000 miles of hiking and bike
paths, including 51 miles of the
Appalachian Trail.

A scientist placing a solution into test tubes

Exceptional Workforce

Connecticut's workforce is among the nation's most highly skilled —and highly productive. So whether you're looking to staff your company with top talent or simply want to work alongside those you can respect and learn from, Connecticut is a great place for good people.

#4 in the U.S. for master’s
degrees and #8 for science and
engineering doctorates.

Actors in a Theatre

Vibrant Arts & Culture

Connecticut is alive with the arts — from nationally renowned art galleries and museums to award-winning theaters and cultural events, from historical sites and major concert venues to local galleries and community fairs. Learn about the diversity of experiences Connecticut offers you.

21 world-class museums
and home to 5 Tony Award-winning
regional producing theaters.

An engineer looking at a mechanical gear system

Growing Business Sectors

Long known as a leader in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, finance and insurance, Connecticut is also home to thriving sectors in bioscience, green energy, technology and digital media. This array of rapidly advancing industries positions the state for continued growth.

TOP 5 in the U.S. for
productivity of the workforce.


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