Affordable Cost of Living

An exceptional quality of life costs less in Connecticut

Everything you need to thrive and more affordable than you think.

Connecticut residents may have the highest personal income in the country, but the state is still more affordable to live in terms of housing costs in the northeastern U.S. region, when compared with the Boston and New York markets. At the same time, the benefits of living in the state include a very high quality of life, with top-performing schools, healthier lifestyles, easier access to transportation and safer towns and cities than the U.S. average.

Healthier Living

Around here, we take good care of ourselves and our populations. In fact, Connecticut ranks 4th in the nation for healthcare access for adults and children. It’s just one of the reasons we have been ranked the 7th healthiest state in the country.
U.S. News & World Reports, Best States, 2016.
Cost of Living

Affordable Housing Options

An exceptional quality of life simply costs less in Connecticut compared to other northeast markets. Whether they prefer an urban or suburban lifestyle, residents find more house/apartment for their money—and pay less for their daily expenses.

Hometown Appeal

From starter homes to condos to repurposing historic structures into dynamic rental residences, Connecticut can offer a variety of diverse housing options. This includes thoughtful development in town centers that put transit, schools, shopping and services in easy reach.

Easier Commutes

There are so many companies based and headquartered in Connecticut, that employees here enjoy shorter commutes, which means less gas consumption. And the state is also at the hub of the biggest transportation network in the northeastern U.S., with enviable access to rail, air and road travel. And we've recently completed and opened a direct rail line between New Have and Springfield, MA.

Take a closer look at the towns we call home.

The online database CERC Town Profiles™ is an in-depth look at all 169 towns and cities in Connecticut. You can use it to view population data, school information, housing and real estate numbers, crime rates and more.

Town Profiles

CERC Town Profiles™ offer a wealth of data, helping to frame the most current and reliable picture of the health of Connecticut’s towns and cities.

Cultural Values

Support for all communities, diversity and inclusion are all part of Connecticut’s values.

Getting Around

Transportation options include air, rail and bus transit systems plus easy highway access.

Key Facts & Figures

Statistics and research that support our appeal as a great state to live, work and play.